Monday, June 18, 2012

why my husband doesn't title my posts

I'm sure we've all been there.
What does one title such a random post?
So, against my better judgement, I asked Shawn for a suggestion. And he said:
"I think you should titled it 'I love penis.' I really think you'd spark some interest from readers."
I'm sure it would, babe. Readers in the form of porn stars and spammers. I'm sure my inbox is blowing up right now with erectile dysfunction ads and comments from the infamous Anonymous.
And this is why my husband does not title my posts.

So, you want the bad news or the bad news or the bad news first?
Yeah, there are THREE bad news bears in my world right now.
It could be worse, I know. But this just sucks.
Someone found out about the money tree we have growing in our non-existent backyard, and they are hitting us up for cash like they're holding our pets for ransom.
1. Shawn busted his foot.

After Crawl for Cancer Memorial Day weekend, we got home, thought it was a good idea to order pizza and Shawn accidentally ordered pizza twice.
Yep, we had $50 in pizza, wings and bread sticks that we didn't even eat {until the next morning}.
When the second order arrived, the dogs did their usual crazy door dance/barking routine {we finally started charging for this dog and doggie show}, and Shawn raced down the stairs to tell the dogs that the pizza guy was not a paying customer and they shouldn't give away their talent for free and missed the last step.
Don't worry, he caught himself. With his right foot. Underneath his body.
He's no sissy, but he knew it was bad, so he called his brother to take him to the hospital because I was passed out sleeping. He then spent five hours in the ER waiting room {he got there at 10 p.m.}, without being seen, before he came home.
Long story short, he's been wearing a walking boot ever since {he ditched that orthopedic-looking shoe he's seen wearing above as soon as we left the hospital} and had an MRI today. And we got his ER bill today. And I can't wait to get the MRI bill.
Let's just say we'll probably meet our deductible this year.
2. Our cat is skinny.
And eats like a dog.
Seriously, she eats dog food and dog treats. She even gets on the counter and eats people food. And she has started begging.
Because of her ravenous eating habits, we were certain she had a worm. The vet thought she might have a hyperactive thyroid.
Turns out, she's fine. We're just starving her.
And it only cost us $200 to find out we're horrible fur parents.
3. Our air conditioner stopped working yesterday.
Our condenser fan motor died.
$700 later, we're back in business. Just in time for the 90+ degree temps this week.
They say these things come in threes.
Well, I sure hope that's true because there are no more leaves on the Ritter money tree.
In good news, we had a great weekend and I got presents in the mail today!

Clockwise from top left: Mac and cheese and pulled pork sandwich/I convinced non-beer drinkers/my friends that Crispin is the best beer in the world/Alicia and I hit up Ikea and loaded that cart, her car and carried those boxes into her house. Can you say beef cakes?/I saw Jack Hanna during Zoofari!

I won two giveaways from two of my faves!
I got a customized orange and yellow bracelet from Chelsea's Etsy shop After Sunset. I told her I loved it so much that I may never take it off. She thinks I'm kidding. This bracelet is even better than I imagined. I'm going to have to buy more! I love the bright colors and Chelsea is amazeballs. Duh!
And I got nail polishes, in fabulous summer shades, from Kelly! Essie's A Crewed Interest {second from right} has my toes written all over it - or vice versa - you know what I mean.
Thank you both so much! You rock my size 6.5 socks!
And if you haven't checked out their blogs, they do not disappoint! You can thank me later.
Oh, one last thing.
It's Make It My Own Monday {find an outfit on Pinterest that inspires you and recreate it. Easy peasy} after all, and I've been taking outfit pics like it's my j-o-b.
I must say I've been taking a few risks, and I've been pleasantly and comfortably surprised!
One of my latest fashion attempts was with color blocking.
Here's some inspiration:

And here's what I wore:

{tank and sandals: Old Navy. skirt: thrifted. belt: Forever 21}

Alright, that's enough fun for one day.
I need to catch up on your emails from last week. And sleep. And finish my beer.
Yes, it's Monday. I'm having a beer. And Jimmy Johns.
It was well deserved after our spending spree these last three weeks. And for getting to work early today. Boom.
And my husband just handed me $30. Time to blow it on sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Peace out, girl scouts.



Katie said...

Oh no rough weekend for sure!!! Hope your husband's foot heals quickly. That sounds painful! $50 worth of pizza and wings for the 2 of you hahaha Whoops! My husband and I were pleasantly up on money luck a couple months ago then life happened. We were hit with a couple big expenses all at once also. Isn't that lovely how that works?!

Sierra said...

hahaha, i just died at the title your husband wanted!!! :) sorry all the bad stuff has been happening! sending good thoughts your way!

Carly said...

Oh no! I hope he heals quickly! And I love the outfit!


Kristin said...

lucky girl with those giveaways!!

Anna & Kirby said...

I love how you recreated her outfit... looks good :) J's Everyday Fashion is my favorite fashion blogger!

Myra said...

Yikes on the rough patches! When it rains, it pours, then the freakin' sun comes out. Get ready, girl. Hopefully all the good things are headed your way now!

And love that color blocked outfit. Cute!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm sorry all this crap is going on for you! I hate it when that happens. However, i am dying at your husband's title suggestion. I personally think you should go for it! haha

KatyK said...

Goodness girlie...I'm sorry for all your troubles lately and I hope the hubs heals up fast. Congrats on the giveaway wins, and the MIMO outfits suuuuper cute lady.

KRISTIN said...

I think you SHOULD let hubster title the posts. :) Hope his foot gets better real soon!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

That sure is a lot of excitement! Hope he feels better now. Love the dress too!

Tara St said...

Maybe you should have titled this post "The Money Pit"? It seems like giant emergency purchases always happen in lumps.

Penniless Socialite

Erin said...

Yuckkkk- doesn't it always seem like bad things happen all at once? Or right after you think you budgeted to make some huge house purchase, something else breaks?! =\ Hang in there!!

You look adorable in your fun color-blocking outfit!!

Mallory said...

I definitely had Jimmy johns yesterday and barely waited for the delivery man to leave the porch before I was ripping into the paper and taking a giant bite of my Slim 1:P I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine!

Katie said...

those are three pretty crappy things!! on the other hand your outfit copy is perfect! you look beautiful! and our husbands would get along - pretty sure he's suggested similar things.

Carolyn said...

Oh man. I feel you. I swear bad stuff knows when you don't need it, and it just piles on! Hopefully everything turns the corner for you! :) Love the outfit!!

Miss Chelsea said...

Ew, what'd you do to tick karma off this weekend?! I hope my Friday night shenanigans entertained you and made your day a little brighter though =) haha

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