Thursday, July 26, 2012

do you know the birthday boy?

Happy birthday 
to the man who makes me laugh, 
my best friend, 
an amazing husband and fur dad,
and the best looking redhead around!
I love you long time :)

If you really knew him...
{thanks for the idea, Steph!}

You'd know he loves half zips.
You'd know he has the world's most sensitive nose when it comes to smells.
You'd know he has a scar over his left eyebrow where a piece of slate roof hit him and broke his skull. He had to wear a helmet while playing outside as part of the recovery process.
You'd know he went to college to play soccer but only practice for two weeks.

You'd know he LOVES Bud Light.
You'd know he didn't wear shorts when I met him. Or flip flops, or hats, or sunglasses.
You'd know he has a thing for electronics. Especially of the TV variety.

You'd know he only wears official or Nike sports apparel.
You'd know he LOVES candles and plug-in air fresheners.
You'd know he will NEVER own a minivan.
You'd know he used to have a comb over.

You'd know that in the above photo he's saying, "Have you seen my beach ball?"
You'd know he split his pants at one of my best friends' weddings.
You'd know he loves pancakes and waffles. And chicken fingers, club sandwiches and cheeseburgers.
You'd know he rarely ties his shoes.
You'd know he is a clean freak!

You'd know he hates crowds and the sun.
You'd know he HATES feet!
You'd know he has to sleep with the fan on.
You'd know he had a deviated septum from a Frisbee incident and had it fixed three years ago.
You'd know he tries to hump me every time I bend over in our house.
You'd know he pinched my Dad's nipple after our wedding reception and said, "See you at breakfast."
You'd know he is red-green color blind.
You'd know he had a fasciotomy on both legs to relieve shin splints.

You'd know he dressed as a cow for Halloween four years in a row.
You'd know he only wears pants that fit over his shoes correctly.
You'd know he used to fall asleep to Jim Brickman piano music.
You'd know he hates reading and running.
You'd know he cuts his own hair.
You'd know he is a homebody.

You'd know he wants to be a dad someday.
You'd know he said "I love you" first :)

Gosh, I love him.

P.S. Today is the last day to enter my Christmas in July giveaway!




callie ;) said...

oh, this post is so fun! happy birthday to my favorite redhead! hope you guys have something awesome planned for this weekend. :)

Audra said...

Too cute!!! I am impressed that I knew so many of those things about it, but not all! Happy birthday Shawny! :)

Erin said...

Aww Happy Birthday to him!! Such a cute post- I'm glad you shared all his quirks & funny tidbits :) I'm going to have to remember this for my hubby in November!!

Sami said...

SO cute! I love that you mentioned so many of his quirks and funny stories! :)

Mary said...

This is awesome!! The pinching thing made me crack up at my desk!!

Katie said...

Love this. My husband is very similar to your husband. On most of them I thought yup that's Andy.

Erin Heydt said...

U guys are so cute!

Nicholl Vincent said...

how fun!! love it.

Elizabeth said...

haha too funny! happy birthday to him!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Sweetest post ever, he pinched your Dads nipple, amazing!!

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