Friday, July 13, 2012

dog puke, bud light, salsa, oh my

To say that this Friday the 13th didn't get off on the right foot is an understatement. I'm not superstitious, but somebody was trying to tell me something this morning.
Duly freakin' noted, Universe.

First, I woke up late.

Second, Moxyn puked in the corner of the upstairs hallway. I mean in.the.corner. And part of it was under the linen closet door that's close to that corner. Seriously, dog? Where are my flip flops?!

Third, I'm heading out the door and I open the fridge when I am assaulted by cans of Bud Light.
They jumped out of the fridge and tried to kill me!
But they couldn't just fall off the top shelf of the fridge onto the floor. Oh no. They had to hit the little bowl of salsa on the second shelf during their free fall.
There was freakin' salsa all over the fridge, on the floor, on the beer cans and on my dag gone pants. Ugh!
And to add insult to injury, I had almost gotten it all cleaned up when two more cans jumped out of the fridge onto the floor at my feet.

I was nearly a half hour late for work. But no one asked why. Must have been the exasperated, not-today look I walked in with.

But, on a brighter note, my little sister had orientation at my alma mater today! I couldn't be happier that she's following in my college-bound footsteps. I know she's going to love it there!
Since I work for my alma mater, my mom skipped some sessions and we hit up Las Margaritas for lunch. I showed those chips and salsa what's up. And slammed some enchiladas, rice and refried beans. Toot, toot!

And this came today:

{order your Erin Condren life planner here}

And I get to spend the whole weekend filling its crisp, colorful pages with busy-schedule goodness.
This is the start of a beautiful friendship. My life is complete.

I also ordered this t-shirt from the lovely Steph @ BEAUtiful Mess:

Alright, I think that's enough fun for one day.
It's 11 p.m. Between the Parking Wars we're currently watching right now, the sweatpants I'm sporting, and blogging, Shawn and I are getting rowdy this Friday evening. I'm surprised my thoughts are still coherent with all this craziness going on up in hurrrrr.

Have a super duper weekend, love bugs!
Holly out!



Lindsay B. said...

Sorry you had a sucky Friday the 13th :( No good. On the bright side, that blogging shirt is the bomb, I could possibly be buying myself one. Hope you have a most fantastic weekend!

Lindsay B. said...
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Raven said...

how on God's green earth was I not already following you?!?!??! A damn shame I tell you....

and I totally lol'd to "getting assaulted by cans of Bud light" hahaha!!!

I totally know what you are talking about there.

Have a good weekend!!!

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

Holls Balls,
Tonight you can relieve all of your stressers at my house warming party/the fancy reception. Every body has days like this one, just plain old shitty days. But, it makes you appreciate the good ones (well that's what my mom always told me)

Love you & see you soon!


Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

oh my gosh that happened to me a lil bit ago.. Salsa lid wasn't on and fell.. everywhere! Cleaning up salsa sucks! And looks like puke if you miss a spot..

Shane said...

hahaha I love that you got that shirt. I think I need one :)

xo Shane

Anonymous said...

I ordered that exact shirt. LOVE IT. Hope your weekend is much better than yesterday. Much!

Jessica Who? said...

how are u liking your planner?? i've never had one of hers but i'm considering buying one!

Kristin W said...

Omg. Awful 13th. At least it started bad but ENDED good!

I'm Über jealous of the life planner. I just can not rationalize spending that on something to use for only one year. Ugh...but I'm totally coveting it.

Chelsea said...

Ah! First, that shirt? So cool. Second? I want one of those Erin Condren planners so bad, but being a poor college student I can't bring myself to pay for it just yet, haha. Third? Love your blog.

Kara said...

I am coveting your new life planner… Good thing it says Holly on it or I might break in and snap it up!


Anonymous said...

The question is, what did you do to the Bud Light to make it want to kill you? LOL

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