Monday, July 16, 2012

let's pretend i posted this yesterday, mmmk?

Sunday Social

So how did I miss Sunday Social yesterday?
I test drove cars and got drunk at a wedding reception and bar on Saturday.
And I spent the day in Canton at my sister's, visiting her, her husband and my family, playing The Game of Things {best game EVER!} and eating dinner at a gorgeous winery {Gervasi Vineyards} yesterday.
That's how.

Better late than never, said everyone and their mom.
And it's about one of my favorite topics: travel!
Seriously, who doesn't love traveling?!
I'm so jealous of all you bitches who get to unplug and relax for a whole week this summer.
This whole taking classes four nights a week all summer thing is for the damn birds.
Never again, self. Never again.

Best trip you've ever been on?
Our honeymoon {seven months late} to Cozumel!
{you can read about our honeymoon fiasco here}

 {we stayed here the majority of our trip and here the first night when they didn't have a room for us at the other hotel.}

{I totally won this chug-a-margarita-through-a-straw contest. Then I threw up all over the bathroom of our hotel room and didn't get out of bed the entire next day. Oh and I passed out walking onto the tile floor of our room. Fail.}

{Shawn surprised me with this trip to swim with the dolphins while we were there!} 

Best idea for a girls' weekend?
Put-in-Bay, Ohio!

{public intoxication is encouraged. that man was sleeping right on that there bench.}

{we always find the celebrity-look-a-likes. bet you thought that was guy fieri}

{who doesn't like making new friends? and standing in cloudy pool water mixed with alcohol and most likely urine.}

{a pirate ship bar and poolside day drinking? sold.}

These pictures are from our girls' trip last year. We've gone five years in a row.
We haven't gone this year and there are currently no plans to visit this beloved Lake Erie island. 
Sad face.
But it's an amazing chance for us girls to get away without leaving the state or spending a lot of money. 
And trust me. If you've got fabulous friends like mine, the memories are priceless. 

Best idea for a couples' trip?

Myrtle Beach, SC.
I don't know if it's the best place to go, but it was a lot of friggin' fun!
Shawn, myself, my BFF Kristen, her husband Rik, Shawn's BFF Ben and his fiance Katie all road tripped it there last summer. 
We've also done a couples' trip to Lake Cumberland in Tennessee and rented a house boat.
Pictures from that trip flattered no one, so I will refrain from posting them here.

Best vacation on the cheap?

Place{s} you most want to visit?

Italy, Bora Bora, Southern California, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Costa Rica, Key West...
Oh good heavens, I could go on and on!

Vacation necessities:
Good company and a cocktail.

Oh happy happy happy day, sweet thangs!



The Slice said...

Looks like a blast! I have always wanted to visit day I will!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I need to visit you!! This all looks so fun! And you have a rocking body!! I was lolling at the margraita story because I was waiting for you to say something like that! Tequila makes me crazy. The picture you posted in Italy is exactly where I want to go!!! My boss literally just came back from that exact spot!! It's unreal!! Xoxoxo Kelly love you!

Nicholl Vincent said...

these are such fun and cute pics! coming to bring you to 600!!!!

come say hi at

have a good day!

Elizabeth said...

LOVED Cozumel when I went!! So gorgeous and their beaches are amazing. I must say that I also was very much LOLing at the margarita picture! But it made me want to take a girls trip ASAP!

KRISTIN said...

My best trip ever was our honeymoon too! We went to Riviera Maya and LOVED it. Also, swimming with the dolphins was the coolest thing I've ever done!

Stephie @ Our Marriage Adventure said...

My best vaca was my honeymoon as well. To Disney (place is fun when you are grown up and its off season!)

Kristin W said...

I am dying at the Cozumel stories :) And Myrtle Beach! We used to do Hilton Head when we all lived in Georgia (now we're much more spread out). Cocktails and/or beer are definite travel necessities!

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