Friday, July 20, 2012

oh, you didn't know i lived in a mansion?


Good day, miss. Welcome to my home.
The city of Bexley, Ohio likes to refer to it as the Jeffrey Mansion.
I know, I think Ritter Royal Palace has a better ring to it, too.
Tomato, tomäto.
Lovely place to call home, don't you think?!
I'm so spoiled. 

I just love to throw the most fabulous garden parties.
The neighbors swoon over my chicken salad croissants and homemade ice tea with fresh squeezed lemon.
{that's what people serve at garden parties, right?!}
I really should give my cook a raise for making me look so good in front of the snobby card club ladies.
Oops, did I say that out loud?!
Looks like my feelings got the better of me. Terribly sorry.
Speaking of raises, the gardener probably needs a raise, too. Just for being so handsome. I don't even mind that he can't shape a bush into a teddy bear, as long as he tends the lawn with his shirt off.
Oh, my!


Where was I?


This is my favorite part of living here.
I could spend hours staring out the large, stone windows all princess-in-a-tower like, waiting for my Prince Charming to rescue me.
Or watch the gardener mow with his shirt off.
Oh, there I go again.


Wow, what just happened?
I had a crazy dream that I lived in a castle and hosted a garden party.
Seriously, I had never been to, or even heard of, the Jeffrey Mansion in the 10 years I've lived in Columbus, but it was a gorgeous place for a photo shoot. The lovely Jessica Rudd captured the mansion's innocence and mystery perfectly. And my talented friend Kelly did another bomb-ass job on my makeup.

Well, at least reality isn't that bad today since it's Friday!
That means it's time for some letters.

Dear Readers: You rock my little socks! I was so giddy when I saw there are now 600 of you today! I just can't believe it. I love you all. Seriously, I do. You light up my life. 

Dear Magic Mike: I wouldn't have been mad about more male stripper dancing. Just saying. The story line really wasn't necessary. Oh, I should just go to a male review? Touché, Magic Mike. Touché.

Dear Shawn's Foot: Heal faster, dammit! I hate leaving him at home without a way to get anywhere when he wants to and always being DD.

Dear Shawn: You'll be 29 next week. Don't worry, I've already made sure our life insurance was up-to-date. We're good. Oh, and I still haven't gotten you a gift. You are not surprised at all. Oh wait, you just texted me a photo of another Buckeyes half zip you want. #7561984 to add to your collection. Duly noted, sir.

Dear Bank Account: Can we pleeeeease kiss and make up already?! I hate fighting with you.

Dear Color Run: I'm wearing a tutu. Let's do this.


P.S. If you would all be so kind as to say a prayer for my grandma, who is in the hospital with a broken shoulder and not eating or drinking, that would be stellar and I'd love you forever. xoxo

P.P.S. Come back on Monday for my wicked awesome Christmas in July giveaway! There's lots of great goodies for one lucky reader! You won't be disappointed :)



Megan said...

AMEN about Magic Mike... I saw it last night and thought the exact same thing... more naked Channing please!!!!!!!

Katie @ Lady Million said...

Hahah very entertaining post today, missy! Loved every minute of it. Happy Friday!

Katie said...

That chicken salad croissant sounds good hahaha could you have your chef send me some?! :)

I agree with the Magic Mike letter. How much did you enjoy the sweatpants dance?!!! There should be a whole lot more of that. That man has got some talent for sure!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Wow!!!!!! These pictures are stunning!!! I love the entire theme. So cool. You have a very elegant look to you. So classy & fabulous! Have a great weekend!!! Love you! Xoxo Kelly

Tricia said...

I've heard from soooo many people that Magic Mike totally isn't worth it because of the story line. If you're going to make a movie for women, you should definitely make sure there's a great plot!
Sounds like one I want to rent at home where I have a remote to fast forward...
Happy Friday!

Sarah said...

Yay Color Run!! Can't wait to see your pictures! I'm doing the one in Indy next weekend!

Myra said...

Gorgeous pictures. I die at the your conversation about the lawn-dude with his shirt off.

I plan to wear a tutu on whatever run I do next - might be the Tough Mudder!!

Happy Friday!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ok prayers for your grandma! and a tutu for the color run is a must! have a great time

Shannon Dew said...

So excited for our tutu run tomorrow!!!

Neely said...

Amazing pictures!

Amy G. said...

You are too funny and those pictures are beautiful! Have fun at the color run! I'm SO SO SO jealous! OH and lots of prayers for your grandma! Have a great weekend :)

katie michelle said...

what a fun photo shoot!!

and totally agree with everything you said about magic mike, haha! didn't need a plot, that's for sure. ;)

and aww, my hubby just turned 29, and so far, so good. but it never hurts to be prepared.

Mary said...

You look beautiful! That must have been a blast!

Sending up prayers for your grandma :)

Abbigayle Rashae said...

This is adorable. Love it!
Just found your blog(:

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-XO Abbigayle Rashae

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