Tuesday, August 21, 2012

rainbows + retirement

Did you ever meet someone your age on vacation, spend all week at the pool/beach together, then decide to be penpals when you headed home?
Well, kiddos, I have reunited with my 10-year-old self.
And she is PUMPED!
I have a penpal.
Her name is Kelly.
We met through blogging, because it's totally creepy to meet people in real life on vacation these days.
On the interwebs is where it's at.

It all started when Kelly and I discovered our mutual love for snail mail.
It's the little things, my friends.
For our first correspondence, we decided to do hometown-themed packages.
I've never been to California and Kelly's never been to Ohio.
This will change soon. Very soon. At least that's the plan.
Because it's totally not creepy to meet someone online, then make plans to fly across the country to visit them.
Totes normal, kittens.

So what did I get all the way from sunny Cal-i-forn-i-a?!

{sandals that I never want to take off and have contemplated sleeping in, a starfish ornament for my Christmas tree this year, and a cute San Clemente bottle of sand and shells, which I proudly display on a shelf in the living room :)}

Only the world's most comfortable sandals, which are made right in Kelly's hometown of San Clemente!
And do you see that postcard?
That bish gets to hang out on THAT beach any time she wants!
Me, jealous? 
Gah, I need an office on the beach!
When do I retire?
Just gotta stick to the plan, Holls: i.e. develop genius invention, sell genius invention to big company, make millions because you are so smart, buy giant dream home on the beach, pay friends to hang out with you, conduct all business poolside while attractive pool boy brings you fruity cocktails. Live happily ever after with a constant bronzed-goddess glow and a redhead. The end.
Yep, next week sounds good.

Now, this may seem premature, but I'm a planner, people.
{Type A all the way! Can I get an "amen?!"}
I already know what I'll be wearing for my first visit to California to meet Kelly and simultaneously shop for my retirement home.

California Dreaming

My Rainbow sandals, duh. Gotta fit in with the locals.
A lightweight tee and cutoff shorts. I feel like California style should look effortless.
If I'm not wearing a swimsuit, it's gonna be in my bag, so I can never turn down a trip to the beach! No one likes a party pooper.
And a straw fedora because if you can't wear a straw fedora in California, where can you wear a straw fedora?

So, Kelly, see you at the airport in T-minus 5 hours to pick me up?
Great! See you soon!
I loved getting to know a little bit about where one of my favorite bloggers, and now penpal, lives.
Now, head over to Kelly's blog and see how I turned her into a Buckeye! 

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Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

Your plan is nothing short of genius. You won't even have to pay me to be your friend... I come with cocktails, too.

Carolyn said...

Love your plan!! :) And... I'm super jealous about the pen pal idea! So great! :)

Amanda said...

Love love love a vacation pen pal!!!! So adorable!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

this turned out so super cute!!! i LOVE your plan...ill start looking for beach houses now hahah! im so glad you love the flipflops, i stil need to send you the tag w the story! ah! i love us & our super fun snail mail idea! i asked blogland ideas for our next theme, so im curious to see everyones ideas! haha! loveyou penpal!!!! go buckeyes!

PS. We WILL make a visit happen!

Mallory said...

Aww, love me some snail mail! It was one of the best parts of college:)

Tiff said...

Ohh where is the Ohio shirt from? I want to get one for myself.

Alicia Marie said...

So cool! I LOVE PENPALS! And fun mail...makes me feel like a kid again. HAH

Mary said...

Super cute idea! I love that you gave her a buckeye recipe...now I want to make them!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Everyone should be a Buckeyes fan! Fun fun!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

How fun is this?!? I want to do this!!!! :)

Sarah Lynn said...

Now I'm ready to plan for my retirement too! or even just a vaca. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are too cute!

Katie said...

Ahh I love me some rainbows! I bought a pair the first week I moved to San Diego and have not taken them off since! Now that I am back in Northern CA, I always stop in San Clemente to stock up on my rainbows. Check out the new braided pair!

My-cliffnotes said...

I want to crash this party! Rather I will crash said party!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yah rainbows are the best, true Californians have rainbows. best sandals ever!!

Kristin said...

rainbows are the BEST!!

Chelsea said...

omg i need that hat!

Cara said...

You’re such a good planner! I admire your futuristic way of thinking. Even this early, you are now thinking of your retirement home. You even bought things for your retirement home! This is a good sign of maturity and a goal oriented person.

Cara Larose

Renay Lattimore said...

It is good that you’re already planning for your retirement. Thinking about your retirement goals can certainly motivate you to do better in your work. It would be great to just chill in a beach house in California and visit your penpal Kelly every once in a while. Your plan should include your finances, like how you might be able to afford a house and to live in a certain area, as this is one of the problems many retirees encounter.

Renay Lattimore

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