Thursday, September 27, 2012

freshen up

Happy Thursday, sweet thangs! 
One day closer to the weekend and my fall shopping extravaganza.
You can see my fall must-have list here.
And if you don't have a fall must-have list, or extra cash to add fall duds to your closet, Brooke @ Belts and Bangles has a solution for you.
Take it away, fashionista!


Freshen up your fall wardrobe with five great accessories

As much as we'd all probably love to wear flip-flops and shorts all year, eventually the temperature drops and we need to be a bit warmer. But don't fret! Just because your cute sundresses will no longer be wearable doesn't mean you can't still look fab no matter how cold and grey the weather gets. In any season, accessories are crucial to keeping your look fresh, colorful and cutting-edge. And best of all? Accessories are a budget-friendly way to create several different looks with just a few items of clothing. To liven-up your autumn wardrobe with some essential enhancements, consider the following must-have accessories:

1. Scarves
Scarves and bandanas are autumn wardrobe staples that can make any bland outfit stand out. Choose colorful styles for a neutral outfit or a muted color for a classy contrast with your louder clothing combos. Scarves not only offer multiple styling possibilities for different outfits, but can be worn differently themselves. For example, you can tie a longer scarf loosely at the side of your neck, experiment with different knots or even tie it around your head for a chic, Bohemian look.

2. Necklaces
Nothing livens up a bunchy fall sweater like a cute necklace to add a little personality and sparkle. Although classic, simple jewelry will certainly add a touch of refinement to any outfit, you can have a little more fun in the windy weather with statements necklaces. Accessories geared toward a younger audience offer a much more quirky and exciting collection, which can allow you to get in touch with your youthful side. Necklaces for grown-ups take a more sophisticated approach this season, with chokers and crosses making a comeback. Florals are also big right now, so consider adding a feminine flowered necklace to your work wardrobe.

3. Waist belts
Waist belts are all the rage in the fashion world today because they're a universally flattering way to add a splash of color and attractive shape to any outfit. Since the cold weather may force you into some not-so-flattering baggy sweaters and unshapely trench coats, you can achieve a more feminine form by simply slipping on a stylish belt before you head out the door.

4. Hats
Who doesn't look adorable in a classic fedora? A hip and girly hat is a fun way to top off any basic outfit and show off your bold fashion sense. A hat is a perfect solution for those bad hair days, or lazy mornings when you'd rather just tuck your mane away instead of going through the hassle of styling. If you're not feeling brave enough for a rimmed hat, try a solid-colored beanie for extra warmth or a patterned newsboy hat to add some extra flair.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

5. Leg Warmers
The '80s are making a comeback – but don't worry: I'm not talking about big hair. I'm talking about those funky leg warmers popularized by pretty much every workout video made in that decade. Simply put on a pair of tights and match your leg warmers to your dress or skirt for a balanced look, or wear them over skinny jeans.

Revamping a wardrobe for a new season is always a challenge for fashionistas on a budget, but just a few simple and affordable accessories can make all the difference when it comes to revitalizing those old threads. With the five essential accessories above, you can single-handedly prove fall doesn't have to be drab when you top off your look with eye-catching accents.


Can you say nail.on.the.head?!
Thanks, Brooke!
You know I'm rocking a scarf almost every day.
Now, go get your style on, you little fashionista you :)

P.S. I was over here yesterday!



Amber said...

Oh I so wish I could pull off hats. They just look so funny on my head!

Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

Love the leg warmers!! They are so cute!

KatyK said...

My mo bought me some leg warmers last fall and I was like....uh----thanks. Now I love 'em and need more!

Lanaya @ Raising Reagan said...

Great post ~ I'm a big hat wearer in the fall!

I'm a new follower from Bloglovin Return the Favor Hop.

Would love for you to visit me over at Raising Reagan!

Raising Reagan

Alicia Marie said...

LOVE it all! :)

The Pink Growl said...

Those leg warmers are adorable! I think I have that same scarf pic pinned. Love that color.

Niki Caron said...

Leg warmers are my favorite! I freaking LOVE them! And belts and scarves and statement necklaces too! The only thing I can't do are hats - they just don't look good on me. Although I love rocking a great floppy hat in the summer :)

xo Niki

Anonymous said...

LOVE these looks!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love scarves. LOVE.

Great pics, so when will my tiny waist come in? UPS or FEDEX?

Katie Wilkes said...

I'm glad it's getting colder out. Scarf season again! yay!

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

love this post. definitely have most of the essentials, but need to work on buying more belts!

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