Friday, September 28, 2012

the day I bought ugly shoes

It was a sunny, crisp fall day.
Somehow I ended up at Target.
After walking around for the better part of 45 minutes, I spotted them.
 A pair of loafers that at first glance, they were either hideous or adorable.
But me being me, I was undecided. Until I saw the price tag.
I was sold. 
For 6 bones I'll try almost anything {keyword: almost}.
I tried them on, and you would have thought I was Cinderella.
They fit like a glove glass slipper.
Fate, I tell you.

Best $6 I ever spent, huh?
Yeah, you're grandma thought so too.
I've worn them to work a couple times and all the 40+ ladies have loved them.
Even the lady working at Jimmy Johns noticed them.
Clearly, these shoes were a good investment {if you base the worth of your duds on the number of compliments you receive while wearing them. Which I do.}.

{shoes: Target; skinnies and sweater: Old Navy; necklace {gift from Katie} and tank: Forever 21}

Yep, I know what you're thinking - "Damn, girl, where'd you get those shoes?!"
You better get yourself to Target, like yesterday. These puppies won't last on the clearance shelf long!

Other things that happened:

Shawn is now sporting this awesome family decal on his car window, thanks to his parents :)
They are currently hunting for another pack of these bad boys so that we can put another dog on there. Priorities.
His dad put a little cheerleader "daughter" on there. He says because it was because I coach cheerleading.
I called it a Freudian slip. Or wishful thinking ;)
The cheerleader is now on my car. Go Brownies!
Gosh, our team sucks. But we have to be the most loyal fans in the NFL.
Seriously, being a Browns fan through decades of losses is both sad and impressive.

 Now, here's something I've never done.
I bought a 5' x 4.5' wall art print of horses at Home Goods last night.
It's HUGE.
Like still-at-the-store-because-it-didn't-fit-into-my-car huge.

{not this print}

We're in the process of revamping our home decor with the help of my friend, Amber.
I loved shopping with her last night because she got me thinking about different pieces that could work in the spaces we're revamping.
Enter: the horses.
I wasn't sure about it at first, but the longer we shopped, the more I had to have it.
I'm excited to pick it up this weekend and see how it's going to work in the space.
When I told Shawn about it he said, "Not more animals. We have enough of those around here."
He's going to love it :)
Actually, he probably will hate it at first because it's not like anything we've ever had in our house before. But it's awesome and I hope it grows on him, if it works in the space.
Don't worry, this calls for before-and-after pics in the very near future.
I know you were going to ask that next.

So, whatcha doing this weekend?
I'm shopping, watching the Buckeyes and doing more shopping!
Prepare for fall-clothing-finds picture overload next week.
Or follow me on Instagram {@hritter18} to see what I try on during my shopping extravaganza :)
Happy weekending, doll faces!



Chelsea said...

I am also totally influenced by sale prices as well. I mean, it was so bad that I almost based my wedding dress decision on which one was on a better sale even though I didn't "love" the cheapest one the most. Clearly, I will be in a better mind set *next time* haha :) Those loafers are super unique and they look fantastic on you!!

Shawn's parents have me cracking up... the cheerleader AND looking for another set? Hilarious! I'm excited to see the new decor soon as well as your shopping finds this weekend!! Love you, doll!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

My MIL bought us the Ohio State version of those little people. I refused to put them on my car! LOL My husband however proudly sports them on his! Ours came with 2 dogs though, didn't yours??

Scribble-N-Dash said...

Totally love the shoes!! Best $6 for sure!! Omg I need decals like that for my car haha!!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

<3 Melissa

Natasha xoxo said...

I actually love them! they're not ugly at all :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Katie said...

I so those shoes at target and would have bought them but they didn't have any in my size! i think they are cute!

Hollie Ann said...

I bought these in the tan color!! But I returned them because they hurt my feet around the house.

It's always nice to be popular around the old ladies! I once saw an old lady with toms on. CUTE BURLAP ONES. I complimented her and she was SO happy. Made my day to make her happy :)

The Preppy Student said...

love the shoes! they are not ugly! Have a happy Friday and be sure to enter to win a custom made shot glass! (Ends tonight)

Michelle said...

Those shoes are cute!

Teri Chilcoat said...

I think those shoes are cute, although maybe cuter without the tassle :]

I know how you feel about being faithful to a team that sucks for years... Raider Nation girl here. It's painful, haha.

I'm not sure Steven would sport any family stickers, but I surely would if they had on Oakland A's jerseys!!

Shannon Dew said...

OK I think I've made up my mind about the shoes and I think I like them!!! But let's be honest here, you can make anything cute!

Michelle said...

Hahaha, I'm dying about the shoes. I ALMOST bought them! I started at them for 20 minutes and couldn't decide if they were hideous or amazing. I think it's the tassel that threw me off.

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Loving the shoes! They're so fun & can add some flare to a simple outfit! And um hellloooo skinnnny minniii. You look so tiny! Adorable outfit w the shoes!

My-cliffnotes said...

Umm I'd wear them!

Kristin said...

for $6 what a steal, they look comfy!

Hilary said...

Oh man... the shoes! You pull them off pretty well I must say. Uhhh GL with that cheerleader ;)

Sarah Weaver (A Beautiful Life) said...

OOOOOOO! Love those loafers! I have them in magenta and I got them for $6 too! :)

Jennifer Kapowski said...

hahaha I almost bought those shoes! But I opted for the tan ones with brown polka dots and the pink ones as well. said...

I love your "ugly" shoes!! They are a great buy/find!! Great color and they probably go with everything or at least add the color pop!! Love the cute. Funny how parents start hinitng around for granbabies...mine are and my husband's mom is too lol not any time soon thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Close up, they're hideous. Far away, they're awesome. You're funny. Target strikes again.

tara said...

i LOVE them!! lol. i bought the hot pink ones and they are my fave ever and were also only $6! :)

Cassandra said...

I love the loafers AND horses. Good luck redecorating. I kind of like LOVE before and after pics so I'm looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

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