Monday, November 26, 2012

10 things i put on my husband's christmas list

I hope you all had a fabulously filling Thanksgiving. Like a pants-unbuttoned-after-eating kind of fabulous. I sure did.

I don't start my countdown to Christmas until after Thanksgiving, because every holiday deserves its 15 minutes of fame. But now, it's GAME ON!
This time each year, gift guides come out. I love them because they get my gift-giving juices flowing.
But there is always one person I struggle to shop for: Shawn. I mean, what do you get the guy who has everything?!
And no gift guide really helps because a lot of the "For Him" gift guides just aren't Shawn.
Do you ever feel that way? Please tell me I'm not alone!
He is a simple man, whose only hobbies revolve around sports and whose taste is as sophisticated as Bud Light.
And he's the type of guy that when asked what he wants for Christmas, replies "nothing."
So, I came up with my own "For Him" gift guide that speaks more to my simple husband:

Christmas Ideas: For Him

1. When not at work, Shawn's in tennis shoes. And apparently he wants to start running again, so ta-da! Running shoes {in Buckeye colors, duh!}.
2. Let's just say Shawn loses a lot of golf balls when he golfs. So, he can never have too many of these.
3. Shawn said his butt hurt from sitting on his wallet. Enter: the money clip. Still plenty of room for credit cards and cash, without the bulk. Put his favorite sports team logo on it and it's a winner!
4. Remember when I told you Shawn bought me an iPad mini? And I told him to send it back? Turns out it's still sitting at our house. I totally knew he bought it for himself and tried to pass it off as being for me. But apparently Apple doesn't send receipts with their purchases, making returning the damn thing nearly impossible to return.
5. Shawn loses all of his footballs. It's only a matter of time before the one he has goes missing. He'll need a back up before Christmas I'm sure.
6. While Shawn has a solid handful of travel mugs, they are typically all dirty sitting in his car. I should just buy him a new one every day.
7. Shawn has one pair of lounge pants. This is unacceptable. Who lounges in jeans?
8. Our house always smells delicious thanks to Shawn's affinity for candles.
9. If it's official team apparel, he'll buy it. So I might as well save him some money.
10. Shawn likes to have some type of footwear on his feet most of the time, and slippers are a great alternative to dirty shoes in the house. He's already worn through one pair of slippers, so he'll probably need a back up soon.

Is your guy like Shawn?
If so, no classy cuff links or fancy hobby gadgets from a lot of the "For Him" gift guides will do.
Don't get me wrong, I love looking through those gift guides for inspiration.
But when it comes down to it, Shawn would be happy if I wrapped up a six pack {which I may or may not have done before - I can't remember}.
Simple is as simple does, my friends.
If anything, I hope this gift guide got your gift-giving brain buzzing!

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Audra said...

Our husbands are gift twins - like, for real. Except for the OSU part, womp womp.

Katie said...

I could totally buy all this stuff for my guy. Especially the golf balls and money clip! Love these ideas :)

Amanda said...

On the wallet subject, my hubby's doctor told him not to sit on his wallet ever, it causes back problems so tell him when he sits down to take it out or put in a jacket pocket or his front pocket. Men have the weirdest issues!

My man is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for, he's got literally 40 hoodies, doesn't play sports, fixes cars and has basically everything he needs for that and buys what he wants when he wants it. This year, I got his gift on black Friday so he could pick it out. A traveling toolkit to take on road trips and to the junk yard. That was all he wanted.

My dad and brother are much easier to buy for than him!

Kelly said...

Great list!! I think I'm going to steal a few ideas (golf balls, KU sweatshirt, and FOR SURE a few to-go coffee mugs-- Greg LOVES those things! ;-))

Natasha xoxo said...

Love this! It will help me purchase some items for the Boyfriend :)

xo, tasha
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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you! Seems like every "For Him" list is either for a tech geek, video gamer or sports fanatic. Never for any simple guys who has simple likes and hobbies! Your list was perfect and I might be stealing some of those ideas this year :)

Chloe said...

I thought it was just my man who was impossible to buy for. He's a tech geek but always buys something when he wants it and is super picky about his tech stuff! Men -.- lol. I like your guide!

Arielle said...

haha love his list!! Except the buckeye colors;)

Anonymous said...

my husband is the same way. Simple. I have probably given him most of these things before.

Good list!

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Can you come over & shop for my bf?! He is SO hard to shop for!!! I love these ideas tho, even though some of them have already been gifts. I love how we both start Xmas countdown after thanksgiving! I finally brought out my Xmas music! You should be getting a mini surprise from me in the mail soon......... said...

My husband is hard to shop for too...I hate the "nothing" reply!! This list helps!! And I totally agree with the lounge pants!! I have family get my husband gym shorts and pants for him to lounge around in

Andrew McAllister said...

You nailed it from the beginning. We men have a secret manual where the learn the art of having everything so we are impossible to buy for. Sorry :)

lori said...

my husband is EXACTLY like shawn! i need to find somewhere with some good lounge pants for the both of us!

Chelsea said...

I am liking this gift guide! I'm clueless when it comes to shopping for my dad and brothers. So, this helps! Number 8 is my favorite... who knew??

Emily said...

Love those gift ideas! I might have to look into money clips :)

Janna Renee said...

I wish Will liked football, so I could get him Christmas presents easier! He does golf, though...

Rikki said...

So many good ideas! Your husband and my boyfriend would be best friends - except the whole Buckeye thing sine we're Badger fans :-)

Normal, down-to-earth, football loving, beer drinking guys who really are content with life are impossible to shop for. Just sayin'. And no, sweetheart (not that he's reading), "just get me the Flo Rida CD" is not an acceptable response since we're not in 7th grade anymore.

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