Monday, November 5, 2012

mint, floral blazers, and the time i found a scarf in a bar

Oh, heyyyy Monday.
I missed you.
Said no one. EVER.
How was your weekend?
I spent most of mine in an addictions seminar {for class. I'm not an addict. Unless Chipotle and scarves count. But I don't have a problem with those things. I just REALLY like them.} taught by my BIL. 
I watched my Buckeyes spank Illinois and move to 10-0!!! 
And drank a little. And did some homework.
Not at the same time. Though homework might be more fun if I did.
Oh, and I curled my hair for the first since sophomore year of college.
More on this later. You can see the pics on Instagram. Follow me: @hritter18.
The pics aren't that exciting, but I felt pretty good about my accomplishment.
But today isn't about me.
The lovely Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek is here to share her fall fashion favorites!
You can see mine here, here and a celebrity stylist's picks here.
Take it away, lady friend:
Fall is my favorite time of the year. With the weather getting cooler, I love to add layer to my outfits. 
A scarf here, arm warmers there. You really can't go wrong!
Here, let me show you what I mean:

A sheer flowy top always looks great dressed up or down.
For me... I love wearing tops like this to work. I looked professional and comfortable at the same time.

My favorite color right now is mint. It works well for the fall, too!

My favorite fall accessory is a nice scarf. This Burberry one was picked up at Nordstrom Rack at an unbelievable price! Always check discount stores like the rack for lil treasures like this!

My favorite jacket is this black leather jacket. I wear it with dresses, jeans, anything. 
I love the motorcycle look and it never gets old!

 My tip for dressing up a little black dress is pairing it with a fun jacket. 
This floral jacket is so fun and has so many colors in goes with a lot of items.

 I also love wearing booties with my dresses.
They are more comfortable than heels!

Oh and there is always a chance for Mochi to jump in the shot. 
I swear he sees the camera coming out and he is by my side. 
What a ham!
So if you are looking for more fun topics like this, head over to my blog... Pink on the Cheek
I would love for you to stop by.


Well, it goes without saying that Lauren is a girl after my own scarf-loving heart.
That Burberry one is fabulous and goes with everything!
Which reminds me. I have a Burberry scarf  knock-off. 
I found it on the floor of a bar. Covered in copious amounts of booze.
Per my non-sober judgement, I picked it up and put it in my purse.
I guess the scarf's owner didn't care {which was evident since the scarf was left to soak up alcohol on the dance floor} because I sailed through the adoption process.
I took it home, gave it a bath and voilá! 
Finders keepers. Losers weepers.

I LOVE that blazer! Don't you?!
I believe it's the Lauren Conrad one from Kohl's. You can get is on sale here.
Which I might have to do since I have some Kohl's coupons burning a hole in my wallet!

Thanks, Lauren for sharing your fall favorites and for sponsoring this little blog of mine!



A Shopaholic Runner said...

Since you have a scarf addiction, any ideas on how to store your scarves? Mine are hanging everywhere and creating a disaster in my closet. I've debated throwing some away, but I can't part with them!!

Meg Cady said...

1. I love this whole post!! I too and in love with that blazer!!!

2. I totally would have done the same thing with the scarf at the bar... I guess that really shows how cheap I really am!!


Amber said...

Addiction to Chipotle is totally OK! :)

Nelle Creations said...

I really like that first top!

Hope you can check out my latest post about the Bachelor Canada event I attended.

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Chelsea Lennox said...

Haha I LOVE you for admitting you picked up a booze soaked scarf off a bar floor and stashed it in your purse. LOVE. YOU.

so something I would do.

estetik said...

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Audra said...

You are amazing - that is absolutely something you would do, and this is why we are friends. Anything for a scarf!

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