Tuesday, November 13, 2012

some current facts

wrap sweater {old}: Old Navy; 3/4 sleeve shirt and bracelet {not available online}: H&M; pants: New York & Co. {similar}; watch {similar}: Kohls

Fact: New York and Company is having a 40% off everything sale right now. Old Navy is having a 30-35% off everything sale that ends TOMORROW! Everyone likes their dollars to go farther :)

Fact: Shawn and I will never own a mini van.

Fact: I have the same conversations with Shawn over and over - drunk, coming off anesthesia or stone cold sober.

Fact: I really wanna go see this Body Worlds exhibit at COSI - a science and industry hands-on learning center in Columbus. I've never seen a cadaver, so I'm a little nervous, but I find the body and brain and how they work fascinating! Shawn mentioned wanting to go the other day and I got excited!

Fact: Saturday is an Ohio blogger meet up at Bar Louie at Easton! Lindsay @ From Nanny to Family has deets! Be there and link up on Lindsay's blog so she knows who's coming!


Fact: I'm going to see the final installment of the Twilight Saga with my godbaby's mama {there's a little announcement on her blog today! Not about the movie. Though just as exciting ;)} and her BFF on Saturday. Already bought my ticket. #notashamed. We've seen every movie together. And this last one is going to be epic :)   

Fact: Thanks to my daily, early morning workouts, my body is programmed to get up at 5 a.m. Without an alarm. I've created a monster.

Fact: My Christmas list is pretty pathetic right now. Not that that's a bad thing {I'm more of a giver}, but everyone keeps asking me for ideas. So, what's on your Christmas list? You won't mind me borrowing some of your ideas for my own list, right?! ;)

Link up with Nicholl @ The Chiffon Diary every Tuesday for The Fact Is...

And one of my daily must-read bloggers, Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So is hosting a new Wednesday link up called Random Wednesday. If you aren't following her, you should be. You'll thank me later. You're welcome. And I think you should link up with her tomorrow!

Also, my bloggy bestie, Chelsea @ Life is a Sunset made a big announcement on her blog today! Go celebrate with her!



Audra said...

1) Have you seen the Groupon for the BodyWars thing?? You should totes buy one! I've seen the exhibit before, it's crazy cool.

2) I can't believe we're seeing our last Twilight movie. 5 in a row is pretty darn good. The end of an era.

3) Need to go online shopping, stat! I used a 25% code for ON last week, I should've waited!

Chelsea said...

You know, I sure love you :) Thanks for the little shout-out! Wasn't expecting that :)

I knew I could count on you for the details on the latest sales going on! Looks like I'll have to stop by Old Navy tonight/tomorrow! Although, I'm pretty much on a spending freeze until after the move. Maybe I can snag something super cheap?

Ahhh, if you go to the Body Worlds exhibit, you MUST tell me how it is! I've been wanting to see the Bodies exhibit for years and next time I'm in Vegas, I have to go if it's still there! I find those things interesting as well!

Fact: I will never own a mini-van either. Another fact: I LOVE your outfit! You are so cute!! Love the layers with the sweater! :)

The Students Wife said...

I love the sweater you are wearing! I'm happy to know about the sales going on.. I love a good sale


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I've sent that Bodies Revealed exhibit. It was awesome. Here is my post about it. You should definitely go!


Lindsay B. said...

Love your sweater!

Jessica said...

Love your blog & the sale info! Never say never about a mini van - I never thought I'd have one but two kids later and I LOVE mine!!

Hollie Ann said...


Love that sweater girl :)

Chelsea Lennox said...

there was a body/anatomy exhibit, maybe the same one, in Vancouvers science world forever and I really wish I went!! next time I for sure will. And I gotta say, I hate wide leg pants but you are rocking them, seriously.


Emily said...

You should definitely go to the Body Worlds Exhibit! It is incredible!

Love New York and Company... will definitely have to check out their site now (my poor little budget is out the window) haha

Katie said...

i'm impressed you're getting up at 5 every day! but that is not fun when you don't want to! and I LOVE old navy - you shouldn't have told me that!!!!

Tiff said...

The Bpdies Exhibits are amazing! You need to go see it. It is one of the coolest exhibits I have ever see and I am a big museum nerd. I wish I were going to be in Columbus this weekend, I would totally go to the blogger meetup!

Laura Darling said...

I think I'll be making a stop by New York and Company on the way home from work tomorrow! They always have the best sales, and coupons!

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Body Worlds was amazing, I caught it twice but it has been too long! Science for the win :)
Time Stand Still

My-cliffnotes said...

I love sales! Thank you!

Also love your sweater

Tiffany said...

I absolutely love that sweater you are wearing!


Lora said...

I'm trying so hard to get my body programmed that way! I have done it before and it makes for a great work out time, but I just have to do it again!

New follower here!

Lindsay said...

Yay for Saturday's blogger meet-up! That wrap sweater is adorable- I need to get one ASAP!

Nikki said...

I've seen the bodies exhibit twice (Atlanta and Vegas) and I'm thinking about going again, it's that cool. GO! Seriously, you'll love it.

Sarah said...

Dang you for telling me about those sales :)

You are a machine getting up that early! Get it girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just love your blog. I love your sweater and I love Old Navy!!! Thanks for posting about the sale I will need to check it out. Up at 5am and without an alarm, wow. I need to hit snooze a few times at 8am lol.

Carolynn said...

I went to the Body Worlds exhibit when it was in North Carolina back when I lived there...IT IS AMAZING. Way better than any anatomy lab lol. They don't even seem like cadavers...more like actual people. Definitely check it out!

Busy Becka said...

Looking hot lady!! I wanna do the "fact is" link up! Ps my kid thinks my car is a mini van. So does my dad. But it's not. I'll never own one either.

Kristin said...

haha I too will never own a van!

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