Friday, December 7, 2012

friday's letters

{scarf: Forever 21 {in white}; shirt: H&M; skirt: Old Navy; boots: UrbanOG {similar}}

Dear Shawn: Christmas shopping for you is damn near impossible this year. Like every year. I feel like you hit it out of the park with the gifts you get me and I barely beat the throw to first base. If you'd just stop buying yourself cool sh!t all year long, this would be a lot easier.

Dear Grandma: This weekend we're having family Christmas. I know it was your favorite holiday, so we'll try to have fun, just like you always did, even though we all miss you like crazy!


Dear Ava: The daily photos I get of you never cease to make my day. Aunt Holly loves you so much!
{Clockwise: 1. teething; 2. singing in the car; 3. Christmas photoshoot; 4. bored in the car}

Dear Shanna: Thank you for the continuous inspiration {ex: the scarf above} to expand my closet. We're practically closet twins. And therefore best friends. Love you and your style, woman!  
{if you're not following Shanna, you better get your buns over there right now!}

Dear Christmas Cards: This will be the first time Shawn and I have ever sent you out. Now, please design and mail yourselves.

Dear Craftiness: Let's do this!

Have an amazing weekend! 




Chloe said...

My hunnie is the same way with buying whatever he wants. And his gift always out does mine for him :(

Anonymous said...

caautee outfit!!! Im not a skirt kind of girl, but this one I'm loving.

I got my husband a new electric razor. We got a new laptop on Black Friday so we aren't doing much for Christmas for each other this year.

Are you sending out picture Christmas cards like of you and Shawn? I have never done that, but kind of want to.

Megan said...

Your niece is to cute for words!!!! And I love the glitter deer, I want to make it too!

Alana Christine said...

You always have the cutest outfits! I LOVE that skirt!

smk053078 said...

Holly!!!!! You are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!! I am so happy you got the scarf!! Isn't it the best? You look adorable!! Yay for being BFFs and Twinsies!! said...

OMG Giys are hard to shop for (we talked about this hahah) but we girls are soo easily cards, jewelry, clothing...whatever and we are happy. Guys are limited (again we talked about this ;) This year I forgot to keep a secret note on my phone where everytime my husband said "oh this is cool" I would write it down, if he didn't buy that way his bday and Christmas, I would have a list of things to get and it would be a surprise that I remembered!!
ANDD I got that scarf too!! I saw it and loved it!! It is a great scarf!!

Amber said...

I am loving your outfit! Especially that skirt. Going to check it out now!

I hate when men are hard to buy for! So frustrating.

Bev said...

hope you guys are able to swing some lovely holiday card crafting this weekend!!! loveeee your outfit ;)

xxo, Bev

Kristin W said...

Ugh. It's the same damn thing over here with shopping for the husband. We "got each other" a vacay before xmas and then put a $100 limit on "stocking stuffers" (I wanted $50, he bumped it up). But wtf. He makes way more money than me so he can buy himself any $100+ item he wants year round. Yet, he gets me the best gifts. To be fair, I think I have a lot more hobbies than he does which gives me more gift options. Ugh. Glad I'm not the only one feeling this way!

Alisa Marie said...

Yes - my husband always buys himself everything during the year! This year he told me he needs nothing, but will buy me an awesome gift and I get him a shirt!! I'm gonna try to do something good this year, just not sure what yet!!!

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Aw this is the first year you're sending out Xmas cards?! How exciting!!! I feel ya on shopping for the boy. It is so incredibly hard!! Hope you had a fab weekend!!!!! Xo

My-cliffnotes said...

M was easy but he's decided he wants more, spoiled ass

Janna Renee said...

Ava is so stinkin' cute! I love Christmas pics with babies in them!

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