Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it's in the bag + a giveaway

{shirt {similar}, skinnies: Old Navy; vest {similar}: Target; boots {similar}: Madden Girl via DSW}

Do you get tired of seeing outfit pictures with my head chopped off?
Nah, me either ;)
But it's really a shame in this one because I was having a good, curly hair day.
I'll be sure to assess my hair day before including my mug in the outfit posts.
Really, I just need a better set up for these types of things. You know like those fancy fashion bloggers that I adore like this gal.

And speaking of fancy fashion bloggers, don't they always have the cutest bags to go with each outfit?
If you're like me, then you have a go-to bag for nearly all situations. A crossbody bag for hands-free shopping, a clutch for girls' night out, an everyday tote with lots of room for the daily, on-the-go essentials, etc.
Shawn just thinks I have too many purses. He doesn't understand that there are actually different types and that some types are more useful in certain situations than others. Nor do I understand how all of his sports team half-zips are different.
Anyway, I'm always secretly on the hunt for affordable new bags, like these:

5 Nyopoly Must-Haves

And by affordable, I mean I typically don't like to pay more than $50 for a bag, so finding a site like Nyopoly is right up my alley!

So what's this Nyopoly business?
Nyopoly is a members-only {membership is FREE}, online shopping retailer that let's you negotiate what you want to pay for the designer and on-trend items you want. It's not an auction and you're not competing against anyone. Which is pretty awesome actually, because I hate losing!
You get three chances to negotiate your price {if you even need that many} on any item with the Nyopoly genie {at least I imagine it's a low price-granting genie}.


While I gravitated toward the handbags section of their site immediately, Nyopoly also has watches, jewelry and fragrances from notable designers.
But I'd be a pretty happy camper just to snag that Brown Double Zip Handbag ;)
Isn't she purdy?!

So the Nyopoly genie will be granting one of you a belated Christmas wish:
$50 credit to Nyopoly!
{aka Nyopoly money}
You must request an invitation to join Nyopoly, but you get $5 just for doing it!
Use the easy-peasy Rafflecopter below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway winner will be announced next Wednesday, Dec. 26.
{just in time to shop for yourself without feeling guilty!}
Good luck!



Janna Renee said...

My sister posted a thing that outlined pictures that shouldn't be on Instagram and outfit pics with the head cut off was on the list. I was like, " They should most definitely be on IG!" I love the outfit pictures and have a few of my own to share if I ever get around to it ;)

jessica said...

i love outfit pics, too. i'm always so jealous of those amazing fashion bloggers that take amazing pictures of themselves in the cutest outfits and i'm sitting over here with an instagram filter and my head cut off. i mean maybe i need a "real" camera instead of just my (trusty) iphone but dang i wanna spend my money on more clothes not a camera. so instagram it is then. lol

love your checkered shirt! said...

Love your outfit!! At least you keep up with your pics of your outfits. I gave up becasue my husband wouldn't do it...but I'm going to start again in Jan and he will help!! hahaha

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