Thursday, January 31, 2013

fun with bloggers + a giveaway

Blogging is fun.
I mean if it wasn't why would we do it?
Unless it's our job.
I never want blogging to feel like a job.
That would be lame.
So because blogging is fun, bloggers must be fun, right?!
Here are some of those fun bloggers and how they have fun.

 photo shanna_zps7bbc97bb.jpg

If you don't know her, shame on you!
She is my fashion twin and role model, and I hope I get to hug her in person some day because she is just that amazing. I love her spirit and honesty and of course, everything in her closet!
How does Shanna have fun?
With fashion.
With her hubby and adorable little girls {who are quite the fashionistas}.
When you hire her to do some fabulous fashion consulting!
And when she gives away ad space!

 photo HollyGiveaway_zps6bc9d463.jpg


I'm sure you've seen Chelsea around blogland - she's everywhere! I'd like to get my hands on her marketing strategy. 
So, homegirl is actually from Vancouver but lives in New Zealand {with plans to move back to Canada} - how cool is that?! 
She is a huge fan of style on the cheap {a girl after my own frugal heart}, cats and her boyfriend, Cole. I just realized their names both start with "C." I love when that happens for couples!
How does Chelsea have fun?
Creating blog designs for you.
Experimenting with fashion {check out her spring wishlist}.
Telling you how you can save money by shopping online.
And giving away a custom post signature!

 photo katie4laurenandlauren_zps041dc37e.jpg

I started reading Katie's blog regularly a few months ago, and I just know that she and I would be BFFs in real life. Trust me, I wrote a guest post on her blog all about it!
She is a bargain shopper, has a dog named Molly who loves smiling, and is an absolute trooper for standing out in the cold to take outfit photos every day. Bless her fashion-loving heart.
How does Katie have fun?
Getting crafty {check out the elbow-patch cardigan she just made!}.
Selling adorable headbands, necklaces and sock monkeys.
Getting knocked up {finally! YAY!}.
And giving away medium ad space!

 photo kaylinstayblonde_zpsb5dc26b5.jpg

Here's why you never judge a blog by it's title. 
I don't ski, so if I just would have thought "hey, I don't ski, why would I want to read a blog about skiing?" then I would have missed out on Kaylin's awesome sauce blog!
When I read her posts, I feel like I can hear her talking. They are just so easy to read and relate to!
This post makes me want to see that movie. 
How does Kaylin have fun?
Being inspired by Pinterest.
Skiing, duh.
Writing letters to herself.
And giving away a handmade, Valentine's Day decoration!

 photo hollygiveaway_zpsa09da043.jpg

 photo brunchwithamber_zps4158f7ea.jpg

I first stumbled upon Amber's blog when I started linking up with her and Neely for "It's OK Thursdays." Isn't Amber just adorable? I mean, look at that pic!
What I love about Amber is how fun she is - she always seems energetic and worries less about what people think and more about just having a great time. Who doesn't want to hang out with someone like that?!
How does Amber have fun?
Laughing at inappropriate things.
Taking a BIG step with her boy toy.
Crossing things off her 101 in 1001 list.
And she's hosting a giveaway, go enter right now!

 photo nicoletreasuretromp_zpsfb7d83a3.jpg

Can we please just take a minute to recognize how gorgeous this girl is?!
And I bet she's a pro with those chopsticks having been to Japan three times and all.
I just love Nicole's random awesomeness - she is obsessed with hedgehogs, is earning her Ph.D. in psychology, has an avocado tree and doesn't back down from an adventure!
How does Nicole have fun?
Traveling around the world.
Drinking wine (she's from the heart of California's wine country, Sonoma - lucky B!).
Reading an impressive amount of magazines.
And giving away a $10 Sephora giftcard!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One lucky winner takes all!
The last day to enter will be Monday, Feb. 4
The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 5
Good luck, chicken heads and don't forget to visit those fabulous ladies ASAP!



Treasure Tromp said...

what a great set of sponsors you have there! ;)

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Chelsea Lennox said...

LOL I love how for Katie you put "getting knocked up". So blunt hahahah. love ya!

Alisa Marie said...

Love all these girls and YES blogging is FUN! I definitely woulnd't do it if it felt like work!

Janna Renee said...

Awww love all of these ladies!

Anonymous said...

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