Wednesday, January 9, 2013

random wednesday

{blazer and striped top: H&M; skinnies: Old Navy; scarf: Forever 21 {similar}; boots: DSW {similar}; watch: Kohls {similar}; bracelet: Kiki La'Rue}

When you have a bunch of pieces in your closet that you love - why not wear them all together, right? That's how I ended up with this outfit. Still, I struggled for about 15 minutes with what to wear under this awesome sauce blazer. What I really should have done was read Shanna's post today before getting dressed, and it would have only taken me 2.5 minutes rather than 22.5 to come up with a rockin' outfit. Homegirl is a "what-to-wear-under-a-blazer genius - and I told her so.

Speaking of Shanna {I'm glad she doesn't think it's creepy that I just love her so}, she has started her own fashion consulting business! Whether you need help shopping or just want to learn how to wear and remix the items already in your closet, you should probably hire her. I know I could have used her expertise this morning - and every morning. Getting dressed can be one of the most stressful/time-consuming parts of my day. It's sad/pathetic/ridiculous and true. Who's with me?

Speaking of bloggers with a business {look at me just tooting everyone's horn for them free of charge}, Miss Chelsea doodles some super sweet ampersands - in gold and silver ink. $18 for six? She's practically giving them away, and I need a set for my office STAT!

Speaking of my office, I've been in this space for 18 months and have yet to put a single thing on the wall! I can't even show you a picture, I'm so embarrassed. I even made artwork A YEAR AGO that I've yet to hang up. For shame. But I do have a set of retro, teal/green, vinyl chairs. Totally awesome. Anyone in the business of making over office spaces? 

And if not making over offices, how about redesigning my blog? And renaming it? I've been wanting a makeover around these parts for awhile, and debating a name change for at least a month - even though I have no idea what else to call it. I've seen several bloggers take the plunge with a new name and look, and it's all their fault I'm in this predicament. JK - they are just motivating the crap out of me to finally do it. Thanks, ya'll!

P.S. Don't forget to use code NY2013 to get 50% off all ads through the month of January! And check out my new lady loves on my sidebars and at the bottom of this post!



smk053078 said...

Seriously? Seriously! You are hired!!! Thank you sooooo much for the love today! My heart is dancing!! And look at that glorious scarf....heck that whole outfit!! High five!!! And I LOVE the name of your blog. Keep it!!!
Your Twin

Amanda said...

I have a ton of scarves and I never wear them! Thank you for inspiring me to throw one in with my outfit tomorrow :)

Nicole said...

i agree with both of the above comments. super cute and the scarf totally ties together the outfit.

Anonymous said...

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Miss Chelsea said...

Look at you bein all adorable -- thanks for the shout-out lady!

Chelsea said...

Okay, first of all... love your outfit. I need it all. What's new?

Second, I cannot WAIT to get a blog makeover. It has been a long time coming to say the least!! Can't wait to see what you do and what name you come up with!!! :)

Janna Renee said...

I didn't know Shanna started her own business...that's awesome!

Luxury Villa Rentals said...

You are right Janna that Shanna going to start her own business.

Anonymous said...

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