Thursday, January 17, 2013

some clothing truths

{sweater: Forever 21; scarf: H&M; skinnies: Old Navy; boots: DSW}
{sweater also worn here}

Can I just tell you about this outfit for a hot minute?
Best, most comfortable outfit EVER.
This sweater is amazing because it's so warm I don't have to wear a coat.
I could wear that scarf If you don't own a scarf from H&M, you're missing out. I haven't met a scarf in that store that I don't like.
And those boots - holy schmoly! All I have is love for them.
And my hair was pulling some sort of messy bun magic too. What?!
It's funny - I feel the best in outfits that are more comfy than super stylish.
I might just wear this outfit for the rest of the winter.
Oops, that's a lie. I have on a different outfit today. 
But, believe you me, if that outfit was work appropriate I'd be wearing it right now.
That is the truth.

Want more of my clothing truths?
I'll just go ahead and pretend you said "yes."
But to feel better about myself, I'm putting "It's OK" in front of the following statements.   

It's OK:
  • That most of my dress socks have holes in the toes and I keep wearing them.
  • That I become obsessed about outfits, like the one above, and will wear it every chance I get.
  • That I never repeat work outfits for at least two weeks. Who else notices when people repeat an outfit every week?
  • That I try on multiple outfits only to end up in the very first one I put on.
  • That I never wear mismatched socks.
  • That I don't wear pink - except for the three pieces of workout clothing I own which I wear least.
  • That I fight the urge to buy back ups of exact pieces I already own.
  • That I only buy neutral colored bras. I know - so boring. Poor Shawn.
  • That I avoid anything strapless.
What weird clothing quirks do you have? 

Its Ok Thursdays



Anonymous said...

Uughh strapless. I buy strapless dresses or shirts (rarely but I do) and every time I go to wear them I cuss myself out! Strapless bras are the WORST!

Can we get a close up on the boots? Im in the boot market.

I think before putting on an outfit for work on when the last time I wore it was. As long as it wasn't the day before I don't care hahaha

Jessica Odom said...

I refuse to wear mismatched socks!! It drives me crazy. I also just bought a shirt that looks exactly one I already own in a different color. I couldn't help it.

Andi said...

I have several of the same quirks as you! Do people really wear mismatched socks??
So many of my socks have holes in them! I always think I will mend them, and then I completely forget.

Ashley said...

I'm can tell why you'd want to repeat that outfit-- hello cute and cozytown! I'm obsessed with sweater and scarves like this. Super cute!!

Chelsea said...

But seriously... we ARE the same person!! You are the only other girl I know bedsides myself who doesn't wear pink [except for workout gear... and even then] Love you!!

Nikki said...

I hate how quickly work socks get holes in the toes. I keep on wearing them until my toes pop out..then it's time to ditch em.

Jen said...

Love that outfit! It does look super comfy! I don't wear strapless either, although I wish I could. I just can't hold them up and am constantly tugging...ha! And I try to space out my work clothes, but sometimes I forget what I wore the previous week. Darn my bad memory. I guess I probably wouldn't notice if others wore the same outfit each week...ha!

Janna Renee said...

I don't care how much I love an outfit, I simply cannot wear them over and over. I never even notice if other people do it, but I will end up wearing something once and never wearing it again. I love that sweater and want one!

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