Wednesday, January 23, 2013

some things you should know

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Fact: My greatest talent is being able to fold my tongue into a clover.

Fact: I've been hit by a bus. In an amusement park parking lot.
I flew gracefully through the air avoiding smashing my dome on the pavement, then got up and walked away. Still, they insisted on taking me to the hospital in an ambulance on a stretcher, but refused to clean the scuffs of pavement off my body. Some hospital.
And no I didn't get free tickets to the amusement park for life. Still regret the fact that I didn't sue.

Fact: I had braces twice. My orthodontist was greedy.

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Fact: If there was only one place I could drink, it would be on a patio.

Fact: I hate blue food/drinks, sticky food and fruity smelling candles and lotion.

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Fact: I wear sunglasses at night, especially when they go with my outfit.

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{check out that photo bomb - ow ow}

Fact: I'm a butt girl. And a sculpted shoulder girl. And a perfect teeth girl.

Fact: I judge myself WAY more and much harsher than any other human being ever will. Even over the smallest things like my hair when going to bed. Weirdo. This is constantly a work in progress for me.

Fact: I'm the oldest of three girls. I was supposed to be born on February 29, but I was three weeks late. I was born with two teeth.

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Fact: I have a young soul.

Fact: I once laughed so hard I tinkled through my pants onto our couch and Shawn won't let me forget it.

Fact: Because Shawn won't let me forget it, I constantly subject him to my horrible singing, and often impromptu, clever songwriting.

Fact: I cuss like a sailor. So my middle name is most certainly not "proper" or "ladylike."

Fact: I am a procrastinator.



The Pink Growl said...

you were born with 2 teeth??? What in the world?? Maybe that's why you had braces twice?? That's just cracking me up right now.

Sarah said...

Patio drinking is by far one of the greatest things EVER.

2 teeth?! We are going to need more details on that story!

Ericka said...

I had braces twice too! I thought I was the only person that had to endure that torture twice...glad I'm not alone :)

Sara said...

Patio drinking is by far the best and I'm the same way with blue things, they weird me out!

Jennifer said...

OMG, you were 3 weeks late and had two teeth? Your mom is a saint!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Melissa said...

I hate fruity smelling candles and lotions too! Soooo gross. That and bubblegum. Worst.Smells.Ever.

Treasure Tromp said...

Wait two teeth? Whoa!!

Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

I had braces on for 4 years!

smk053078 said...

This is why we are twins separated at birth!! I am a huge procrastinator, super hard on myself, love drinking on any patio, hate scented lotions, but you need to teach my your tongue roiling ways!! And yes, why the hell didn't you sue?? Thanks for linking up!!!

Kristin said...

I cuss like a sailor too.... sorry not sorry :)

Janna Renee said...

Two teeth? WTF? That's crazy! PS. You totally should have sued. My girlfriend paid for her college with the money she got from a little scrape she got when a car grazed her. Craziness.

My-cliffnotes said...

Love you even more! I cuss a lot too whatev

Amy Z said...

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Katie said...

My husband and I were watching something on tv yesterday one of those World's Dumbest things. Some guy was dancing in the street and had his friend's video tape him. He got PLOWED by an ice cream truck. It was pretty funny only bc he thought he was HOT SHIT with his dance moves and who willingly dances out into traffic WITH cars coming at you???! He said afterwards that he thought the cars would see him and go around him. Hmmm that makes sense!!! WOW

Hope you weren't dancing where you shouldn't be when you got hit!

Two teeth when you were born???

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

WHAT?! You were hit by a bus & were fine?! OMG talk about a miracle! That's crazy! I really enjoyed these facts, I wear sunglasses as much as possible haha

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