Monday, February 25, 2013

if i went to the oscars

If waking up to a broken water heater and having to take a freezing cold shower on a frosty Monday morning is a sign of how my week is going to go, this could be interesting.
I'll tell you one cool thing that's going to happen this week {besides my cold shower}, I've made an appointment to get my hair did on Thursday. And I'm going to attempt the ombre look, because 77% of the 40 of you who voted on Friday said I should. 

So, some of us watched the Oscars last night.
I'm not really into the whole awards show thing, but there was nothing else decent on TV.
Needless to say, I wasn't mad about tuning in, except when the Seth MacFarlane/William Shatner thing at the beginning was going down. Did anyone else think that was weird/awkward?

Anyway, while watching the red carpet shenanigans, I couldn't help but wish I was there.
I imagine it would go a little something like this:

I'd wear:

 photo wearthis_zpsf3798b7e.jpg

Amy Adams' dress was definitely one of my favorites.
Anne Hathaway's was definitely not...for obvious reasons. I will never understand why designers make nipples out of fabric. WTF?!


 photo colorthis_zps83a90d33.jpg

That green is one of my favorites because it matches my eyes.
And Jennifer Garner gets an A++ for her gown. That color is perfect on her.
Color is so underrated at these award shows, in my opinion, so I would try to stand out by picking a dress in a pretty hue.

I'd pose on the red carpet:

 photo posethis_zpse2fe5820.jpg

Zoe looks cool, calm and collected. And stunning, per the usual.
Maria looks uncomfortable, like she's trying to hard to suck in her zero ounces of body fat. Please note that her dress color is not one of the pretty hues I was referring to above. But her hair looks great. So there's that.

And I'd sit next to and after-party with:

 photo girlthis_zps4375cc32.jpg

These ladies are quickly becoming two of my favorite actresses, mostly because of how candid, effortlessly hilarious and laid back they are in real life.
Plus, you always want to be friends with the winners {or people in the movies who win}. People like winners. And pretty people. And people who don't take themselves too seriously.
I thoroughly enjoyed how Jennifer Lawrence responded to tripping up the stairs to accept her Best Actress award - not only in her acceptance speech but in the backstage interview. Watch it. She's hysterical. And my new idol and celebratory shot buddy.

If you haven't heard, Messy.Dirty.Hair turned 1 on Saturday!
What an amazing, successful year my sweet penpal, Kelly has had in the blogosphere.
I couldn't be happier for her and to be a part of this fabulous giveaway!



Carolyn said...

Love all your "picks"! :) I totally agree. And I want to be Jennifer Lawrence's new bestie too! That video is hilarious!

Maria at inredningsvis said...

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Have a great week dear

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Karla said...

Great picks! I love Jennifer Lawrence. That interview was hilarious. I thought it was the sweetest thing when Hugh Jackman came to help her. Still quite bummed Hugh and Les Miserables didn't win though. :/

smk053078 said...

LOL! This was such a fun take on the Oscars!! I would totally be down partying it up with you AND Jennifer!! Oh the good times we would have!! I can't wait to see the new do!!! You are gonna rock it!!

Anonymous said...

I loved Jennifer Garner's dress too. Purple is my fave color. And omg thank you for posting a link to that video. That was hilarious, she is so funny.

Not So Newlyweds said...

Totally agree with you about the dresses! I thought Amy Adams look classic and fabulous. Love Jennifer Garner's color choice!

Candis said...

I can't wait to see your hair!! Maybe that will give me the courage to do mine!

Chelsea said...

I never watch the Red Carpet so thanks for the recap :) I missed the ombre poll but you know I got your back! I say subtle. Definitely subtle! I'm excited to see what it looks like!!!!

Annie said...

I love Jennifer Lawrence! Her post-win interview is too hilarious. I loved her dress! I love Amanda's and Zoe's too. And I absolutely love Jennifer Garner's. That shade of purple is stunning!

SimplyCallMeSylvia said...

The water heater at my house broke once too... it tooks a few WEEKS to fix because my dad just had surgery and the ppl kept sending us the wrong parts. The good news? I got TONS of compliments on my hair because apparently washing it is ice cold water makes it look healthier! haha!

Kiki said...

I agree with all your pics! i would definitely do the purple color though!! Totally agree with the post!!

Chelsea said...

you have some good picks!! totally agree with Jennifer Lawrence, i have a girl crush on her lol i love her!!

SH said...

Amy Adams looked freaking fantastic!

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the ombré on you!!


Anonymous said...

Truthfully Messy Dirty Hair blogger is involved in a ton of giveaways lately which has pushed me over to become a new follower. Love that she is so involved with other bloggers.

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