Thursday, February 28, 2013

workout wear you need

Lately, I have been reading tweets and blogs about you health nuts eating clean.
I truly admire your self-control. And as many times as I have tried to jump on the eating healthy bandwagon with you, I'm always the girl who falls off first.
I have just come to accept the fact that I'm about as dirty an eater as they come. 
I can eat Chipotle twice in the same day and not feel bad about it.
OK, maybe a little. But not enough not to do it.
This is why I workout...A LOT!
Does it seem counterproductive to eat like a garbage truck and then workout every day? 
Sure. But that's how I roll. And it works for me.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of buying workout gear.
But I'm not into the whole Lululemon craze simply because I think it's obnoxious to spend $100 on a pair of pants that my ass is going to sweat in. Sorry, I'm not sorry.
Now, I do have my fair share of Nike workout apparel, thanks to my husband being a brand whore having good taste, but even some of this stuff can be pricey. 
But I have found workout gear on the cheap without sacrificing quality at Old Navy.
And I typically go for comfy over cute when it comes to my workout gear, but with Old Navy I get both {for much, much less}.

Workout Wear from Old Navy
{I actually own most of these items, so I can vouch for their awesomeness}

1. Padded Sports Bra

More like a thin lining of padding so your THO doesn't show. Never a bad thing.
They run small, so I get a size bigger. But they are supportive.
And I love the back!
2. Active Jacket
I love this jacket! 
It's perfect for running outside in cooler weather or throwing on over my tanks to walk to the gym {yes, I can walk to my gym! #winning}.

3. GoDRY Tee
 Comfy and light! Perfection.
They run true to size, if not slightly larger.

4. Mesh-Bubble Tank
I have several tanks from Old Navy similar to this tank, and I love them!
They are comfy and light, and they run true to size.

5. Color-Block Compression Capris
All of Old Navy's Compression gear is perfect and slimming. At least I think so.
I get a size bigger to fit my thicker thighs.
  6. Performance Hoodie
I love having things like this around the house to throw on over my workout gear.
I've been eyeing this bad boy for a while and now it's on sale!
Get in my closet! 

7. Side-Mesh Running Shorts
I'm not the biggest fan of working out in shorts because I fear people seeing my cellulite jiggle around. But now that my gams are toning back up, I might just be changing my tune about workout shorts.
And for $15 {or less}, I'm not out a whole heck of a lot if I don't wear them much.
Best $20 {sale price} you'll spend on yoga pants.
Again, I get a size bigger to have room for my thicker thighs.

Just like the GoDRY tee, these puppies are comfy and light...and long!
Again, they run true to size, if not slightly larger.

So if you're in the market for some new workout gear, hit up Old Navy!
You won't be sorry.
And your wallet will be happy you didn't go to Lululemon.

P.S. If you need a workout challenge, join Nikki and try this.

This post was not sponsored by Old Navy, though I wish it was.



Advocarerunner said...

I admit I love me some Lulu but ON's workout gear is awesome!!! Can't beat an entire outfit for less than $50!

Katie said...

I am obsessed with all of Old Navy's workout clothes!! Especiall the bubble tanks, I already have 2 but definitely want to buy a few more now that they have them again!

Sarah said...

I am the same way with Lulu! I'd love to have but it can't fathom ever shelling out that much money on clothes I'm going to sweat in!

I really like the look of that last tank...I may need one of those!

Jessica @ Wonder Whats Next said...

I haven't shopped at Old Navy in a long, long time but I've been thinking lately that I need to go back. I just got my first lululemon item last week and the ONLY reason I got it is because I had a gift card. I still could only afford clearance and I still had to pay almost $50 out of my own pocket. HA!

Erin said...

Haha umm "eat like a garbage truck" is exactly what I'd consider my eating habits...except I don't workout ever. So there's that. Oops

Cindy said...

JCPenney has their workout capris (xersion brand) for $10! I just got a pair and love them. They're the super-clingy-spandex type, but you can't beat them for the price!

Emily said...

The only thing I buy at Old Navy are their flip flops and workout attire! Super cheap and comfy. My two fave words.


Lisa said...

i didnt even know ON had workout gear! thanks for this, i am def hitting them up for some new stuff when spring rolls around!!

Sam said...

Three words - split at birth. Why don't you come for a visit so we can spend all day eating like trash then go work it off in our Old Navy gear? Chipotle? Yep. Just say the words 'I like nutella' & I'm convinced we are long lost twins. Nutella is my 1st trash food choice.

Georgina Castellucci said...

Love the jacket and capris! I will definitely have to pop into Old Navy's athletic section more often, thanks for the tip!

Amber said...

I'm gonna have to go pick up some of these. I've been wanting some new workout gear in hopes to make me more motivated to get up and move! But like you, I find it ridiculous what Lululemon charges!

Casey said...

ON is my favorite for work out clothes. I have a pair of Lulu capris that I got with a gift card from a race I ran. Um, they aren't that great. I mean they are nice to walk around in, but they don't always stay up when I am in class. Lame.

Leah said...

Old Navy has the best workout clothes and they last forever!

SH said...

I definitely have to look at Old Navy!

The Hartungs Blog

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

I'm a fan of ON workout gear as well. I also get a lot from TJ Maxx and Marshall's. You should link this up for our Fitness Friday link up!

Chelsea said...

I'm been afraid of trying Old Navy's workout gear, but after hearing what you had to say about it, I'm willing to try it. Worth a shot!! Especially if it's cheaper lol

Anonymous said...

I love buying workout gear as well. Like all the time. haha.

JMc said...

I have started getting workout gear at ON in the last year and I love it! Have they always had this great of a selection or is this new? I love the running half zip jacket. It is light but has that soft on the inside fabric that adds a little warmth. I don't have any of those tanks listed but I do have the tank with the tie at the bottom. It is so light and flattering. The tie hides any muffin top or food babies that I may be taking to the gym, haha! Great post! :)

Misty Marie said...

gear is oh so important! Thanks for the tips and thanks for linking up!

Caroline said...

I loooove getting new workout gear - it's basically the only way to get myself to the gym, hahaha :)

Janna Renee said...

I was waiting to buy workout clothes to make sure that I stuck with working out. I'm sticking with it, so now I'm loving to shop and these are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Janna on this. And it's time for some new duds! Thanks so much. I forget about ON because I always have terrible luck there.

Joel D said...

Now, I do have my fair share of Nike workout apparel, thanks to my husband being a brand whore having good taste, but even some of this stuff can be pricey.
But I have found workout gear on the cheap without sacrificing quality at Old Navy.

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