Monday, March 11, 2013

a roadie weekend

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{sweater: The Limited {old}; skirt: Old Navy {old}; shoes: Target {old}; scarf: Forever 21 {old}}

I felt like a roadie this weekend.
Not a toothless carnival roadie, but a sexy rockstar roadie. 
Minus the sexy, plus a back stage dance party.
I went to a concert in Columbus on Friday night and a concert in Cleveland on Saturday night.

First, I saw Steel Magnolia {a country music duo} at the Bluestone in Columbus.

 photo 546243_10150654175707879_1730922603_n_zps9acc07a1.jpg

Sidenote: The Bluestone {formerly the Bar of Modern Art {BoMA}} is neat. It's an old stone church that's been converted into a bar, and they kept the stain glass windows. So pretty.
My friend Alicia's best friend from high school is Meghan Linsey's {of Steel Magnolia} cousin.
You follow me?
I had the pleasure of having dinner with the ladies, including Meghan, before the show.
Meghan is so down-to-earth and funny and always wears two different earrings, which I think is just so friggin' cool! She's an absolute doll and homegirl has got some pipes! Seriously, she's an amazing singer and you should check out their music.

 photo SteelMagnolia1_zps78fa536c.jpg

 photo SteelMagnolia2_zpsf277ae24.jpg

After the show, we drank the free booze back stage and had one helluva dance party with Meghan and the band. Plus, she hooked us up with some free goodies and who doesn't like free stuff?!

There is no rest for the weary rockstar, my friends.
On Saturday, after two and a half months of waiting, I saw Bon Jovi in Cleveland!
My dad got my mom, sisters and I tickets for Christmas and we were beyond excited to see him.

 photo BonJovi6_zps3a13ea59.jpg
{super fuzzy iPhone pic - follow me on Instagram @hritter18}

 photo BonJovi3_zps4b4a615a.jpg
{pre-concert view from our seats}

Let me just tell ya, Jon Bon Jovi has still got it going oooooon. What a sex muffin he is!
I swear he doesn't age and he's just an awesome human being and performer.
He's got some stamina too {which probably makes his wife happy} because he put on a 3 HOUR SHOW! No opening act, just 3 hours of Bon Jovi.

 photo BonJovi1_zps0de4976c.jpg
{Bon Jovi's new CD "What About Now" comes out tomorrow!}

 photo BonJovi4_zpsb4f90346.jpg

It made me realize how glad I am that my parents were in their 20s in the 80's so that I could grow up with the sweet sounds of Bon Jovi.
We definitely got our money's worth {well, dad did}.
I'll tell you who didn't get their money's worth, the chick hugging the toilet pre-concert.
Have I told you how much I hate the sound of people barfing?

Anyway, I don't know how these rockstars like Steel Magnolia and Bon Jovi can put on these amazing shows night after night.
This roadie is pooped today.

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Sarah said...

Ah it looks like you had such a fab time! Such a rockstar :) My mom is DYING to see bon jovi when he comes to STL!! AND UH Steel Magnolias, LOVE LOVE LOVE them :)

Glad to see you had such a great weekend :)

Kait said...

Thank you so so so much for all the shoutouts and for participating in my giveaway! You're the sweetest :)

Amanda said...

I saw bon jovi in Columbus last night, so amazing and he is so flipping hot!!!! I took my mom for her birthday which was in December we have seen them four times :)

callie ;) said...

mike said, "it's so awesome when a concert really lives up to the hype." he also said, "tell holly's dad to adopt me." ;)

Candis said...

Sounds awesome!! There's nothing like live music!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Steel Magnolia.

My-cliffnotes said...

Is it bad I haven't heard of the first band? They sound good though!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a funnnn weekend! You're totally a rockstar roadie! :)

Jacqueline said...

That's awesome that you got to hang out with Steel Magnolia. I love them.

And isn't the Bluestone cool? We went there for the Columbus Arts Ball and it was such a cool venue. I think it'd be awesome to see a concert there.

You and your sisters look so much alike! One wouldn't even know that my brother and I are related!

Agnes Mayer said...

Love Bon Jovi and i adore your outfit.


Anonymous said...

Super jealous that you saw Bon Jovi!

Betsy Lynn said...

Love Steel Magnolia!! And I would totally marry Jon Bon Jovi ;)

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