Tuesday, March 5, 2013

currently, i am + a little dancing

 photo graymonochrome_zps4cf7bf68.jpg
{scarf and shoes: Old Navy {old}; sweater: Forever 21; pants: NY & Co.}

Note: There's a giveaway at the end of this post.

So I decided to try the monochrome fashion trend the other day with shades of gray.
Yay or nay, friends?
I didn't hate it.
It was less scary to try this trend with neutral colors rather than bolder hues.
Maybe next time I'll get nuts and try it with beige - ha! Seriously though, I have a cobalt skirt that I think would be perfect to try this trend with.
Have you tried the whole monochrome thing? What colors do you think work?   

Currently, I am...

Wearing: Lots of gold jewelry!

Reading: The latest copy of InStyle magazine {my favorite fashion mag} and The Family Crucible for class.

Watching: Red Widow. After seeing commercials for it for two months, I felt obligated. It's good not great. It'll be interesting to see if it gets juicier. Also, the new season of Duck Dynasty started last week and I cannot get enough of those hilarious rednecks!

Thinking about: Where I will end up for my year-long practicum/internship. I have several interviews coming up. I'm nervous and anxious and excited to get started. But I have no idea how I'm going to pull off working full time, coaching and an internship. Wish me luck!

Also, I'm wondering how I should celebrate my birthday this year. March 18 marks my 29th year.

Looking forward to: The Bon Jovi concert in Cleveland this Saturday! My dad got my mom, sisters and I awesome tickets for Christmas.

Cooking: Nothing. Our gym is closed for renovations for two weeks, so I'm fasting in an attempt to not ruin all the hard work I've put in since October. 
Just kidding. 
I ate Chipotle the day it closed. 

Loving: Besides my new hair, new blog name and design and new car, I'm loving this girl!
Meet Ashley from Dancing with Ashley:

{how stinkin' cute is she?!?}
Hi!! I'm Ashley and I'm so excited to be here today! I blog about fashion, family, and a little bit of everything over at Dancing with Ashley. I hope you'll come say hey!

I'm also giving away a monogrammed iPhone case of your choice today. (These are just some of my favorites, but the color and design options are endless!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Don't forget about the Tiffany & Co. giveaway here! $400 bones, my friends. You'd be silly not to enter!

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P.S.S.S.S. Wanna sponsor me? Take 29% off all blog ads on Hey, Hollywood through the month of March in honor of my 29th birthday on the 18th! Use code "MARCH29" at checkout!

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Inggih Laras Ati said...

Done all dear.. I hope I can win :)


Anonymous said...

That outfit is super cute on you!! :)

Kate said...

My blog besties blog name is "Hey Hawleywood" so your new blog name keeps tripping me up, haha!! Cute outfit, my dear!

Jessica @ Wonder Whats Next said...

Looove Bon Jovi! I bought my parents tickets to see them in a couple weeks for Christmas. We all saw them a few years ago and they were great. Wish I could go a second time!

Helene said...

love both of your blogs! so yay!!!

Agnes Mayer said...

Love the all grey. Looks great on you. Good luck with your internship. If you like something enough, you will always find time to do it. Don't forget to enter my stella and dot giveaway and i'm also hosting a link up this thursday about how you would style cobalt.Hope to see you there.



Kristen said...

I turn 29 in April. I am so depressed about it (should I be?) that I am treating myself to a trip to NYC.

Amber said...

LOVE this phone case. I wanna win!!! :)

alycia@cupofting said...

Hi Holly! Discovered your blog today and love your fun, relatable variety. Looking forward to following you.


KRISTIN said...

I'm a fan of the monochrome! Tell me how the concert is!!! My mom and I are going in April...we saw them three years ago and the show was AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I like the all gray look! I didn't know this was a fashion trend though....a little behind?! haha

I'm a big gray clothing lover.

I like the 'cooking' one hahah

I've been watching for that Tiffany's winner like a hawk. Oh how badly I want it :)

If interested want to do a button swap? I saw your booked now but for March 22?!

My-cliffnotes said...

Shut the front door, march 16 is my 29th!!!

Anonymous said...

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