Thursday, March 7, 2013

is this real life?

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{chambray and skinnies: Old Navy; boots: DSW; scarf and bracelet: H&M {old}; spike bracelet: Kiki La'Rue {old}; watch: Kohls {similar}}

Remember in elementary and middle school when you drew hearts all over your notebook with the initials of the boy-of-the-week you were crushing on in them?
Or when you stalked his locker just to catch a glimpse of him between classes?
Yeah, this is kinda like that minus the lopsided hearts {I could never get the rounded parts of the heart to match}.
And instead of stalking lockers, I'm stalking blogs and Twitter and Instagram feeds.

I stalk read a lot of blogs. And I tend to like them all, which is why I read them {duh}.
Plus, I'm indecisive and I hate leaving people out, so I almost skipped this link up. But then I would have felt bad for not expressing my love for some of my favorite bloggers.
Damn, Catch-22, what do you know?!

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If this were real life, I'd:

Raid Shanna's closet. She is my twin and style idol. And I'm pretty sure her closet is the one at the end of the fashion rainbow. I seriously just love love love this girl to tidbits. I'm think we were separated at birth.

Drink with Whitney. Who doesn't want to tip it on back with this one? I can only imagine the shenanigans that would go down. They'd be totally worth the hangover.

Build a fort with Chelsea. She's got mad skills and who doesn't love a good fort? Plus, she has been known to use PBR as a drink mixer and this just intrigues the sh!t out of me.

Bargain shop with Katie. A girl after my own clearance rack-lovin' heart.

Talk for hours with Chelsea. She's my blogging bestie and one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've "met." I cannot wait to meet her in person one day!

Eat the best dinners with Erin. Mac and cheese and cheap wine. We keep it classy. And we both have a thing for Shawns. So there's that.

Simply enjoy life with Kelly. I absolutely love her free spirit and ability to just live life. She is an awesome sauce designer, blogger and human being. I dream of hanging out on the beach with her one day!

Get my workout on with Christina. And then we would promptly stuff our faces. She is a pro at balancing fitness and food, and my bod would be rockin' if I hung out with her. Plus, she's a winner and lives in one of my favorite cities.

Do something completely random with Tab. Like buy her a puppy and not ask her manski for permission. Yeah, we'd get nuts. Seriously though, she cracks me up with the random crap that finds it's way out of her brain and onto her blog. This is what I live for.

Double date with Shay and DDHP. Are they not the cutest couple ever? I die.

And in real life, I've been known to hang out with these cool cats: Audra, Whitney, Jenny, Emily, Shannon, Lindsey, Katie, Lindsay, Brittany, Callie and a few others {who suck at blogging as of late ;)}.

So I already feel bad for not naming all of you. But know that you're all wonderful and deserving of hugs and puppy kisses. I appreciate your contributions to blogland and providing me with endless entertainment. Bless your hearts!

Now, link up your blog crush{es} with Erin!

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callie ;) said...

this entry is so cute. thanks for the shout-out! and sorry for the blog suckage lately. love you! :)

Kiki said...

Love the way you started this blog post out!Thanks for introducing me to all these blogs!!cant wAIT TO CHECK THEM OUT!! xo

Libby's Life said...

So your new name totally reminds me of the Sex and the City movie... when they're going to the auction & Carrie sees Samantha and yells, "Hey, Hollywood." So every time I come to your blog now it reminds me of that. I love it. :)

Katie said...

you made my day!! i'd love to go shopping with you!!!

Anonymous said...

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Sara Elizabeth said...

LOVE your chambray shirt!!

smk053078 said...

Twins for life!! Love you to the moon and back!!! Dang, why can't we live closer??? And I so wish I could book a ticket to come on the crawl with you!!! Thanks, lovey dovey!!

Chelsea said...

Ohmygosh. Love youuuu!!!! So glad we can be blog besties and I just CANNOT wait until we finally get to hang out in real life one of these days!!! :) xoxo

Katie said...

this is the cutest. all of your crushes are spot on! LOVE all those women!! Blog looks great love!

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