Thursday, March 21, 2013

so you're saying i have road rage?

"Seriously, how did this guy pass driver's ed?"

"OMG! 35 in a 50?! Maybe I should honk at them at the next speed limit sign?"
{I've yet to do actually do this}

"Did they even test drive the car to make sure they could actually drive it properly before they bought it?"

"Where's a cop when you need one?"
{as some bastard blows through a red light or is texting in the car next to me on the highway}

"That guy's a total douche."
{when a car with a loud exhaust {on purpose} passes me}

 "This is why there are so many accidents!"
{when some is driving 45 on the highway and the rest of us are going 70}

"Why me?"
{when I get behind the sloooooowest driver on the road}

"It isn't Sunday - step on it!"

"There's a blinker for that, jerk!"

"Ugh, you're why women drivers get a bad rap!"

"Get off my ass! I'm going 10 15 over already...sheesh!"

"What were they thinking when they parked like that? Moron." 

"You suck at driving! Get off the road!"

This post brought to you by road rage and the a-hole who nearly parked me in at Chipotle today. The back end of his stupid dualie truck was in my parking spot, leaving me mere inches to back out {seriously, my driver's side mirror was probably 6-8 inches from his truck}.
I swear Columbus has THE worst drivers {and parkers}!
So I Googled "cities with the worst drivers" and Columbus wasn't even in the Top 25.
I call bullshit.

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Jacqueline said...

LMAO! Yes! I agree wholeheartedly and know several people who would too! I think they haven't polled the right people about this issue!

Megan O. said...

you and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to driving around the joint. I am constantly saying I wish I just had a beater car so I could ram into all the dbags on the road lol.

Allison Clements said...

Ever been to LA? This sounds like my every day lingo. I'm trying to be better I promise :)

Kristin said...

I couldn't agree MORE with this post! It is so true!! I love when people ride up my butt in where do you want me to go in bumper to bumper traffic?! Seriously, some people in NY don't know how to drive.

Elizabeth said...

Omg, I say things like this all the time! I think Delaware has the world's worst drivers... ever see people driving the wrong way down a highway, cause I have on multiple occasions in Delaware. People also run red lights like none other, drive 5mph when it snows, etc. I think driving in Delaware has GIVEN me road rage cause I was never this critical before lol

Anonymous said...

"OMG! 35 in a 50?! Maybe I should honk at them at the next speed limit sign?" hahahah that's a good idea!!

I talk to annoying/bad drivers like they can hear me also.

I hate the ones that swing way out when making a turn. "Ooop comin at me!!"

Gwen said...

I call bullshit, too. Thank God my commute is only two miles, but it does involve going through downtown and that's more than enough bad driving.

Also, now I want Chipotle.

Chloe said...

Bahahaha. This is what my car sounds like Everytime I'm in it! I hate hate hate when people drive the speed limit or slower. I want to show them how to use their foot on the pedal. Just push down a little more. This one time I was driving through a school zone on a Saturday and the asshat in front if me was driving the school zone speed limit. I honked and he made the numbers if the speed limit in his rear view mirror so I rolled my window down and yelled "only during school times idiot." That's all. Sorry for the long comment. said...

bet all CA cities made the top of the sound like me when I drive!!! hahah I hate slow drivers!! I feel there should be a special license for driving the nice fancy cars like a BMW or something....I always get stuck behind a lexus going 60 in the "fast lane" on the freeway and when I honk or flash my lights they don't do a darn thing!! omg!! agh!! I now have road rage in my living room hahahah

Treasure Tromp said...

oh man, CA has five cities? And I've lived within 45 of each of them. ... and I currently life within 15 of two fo them. terrifying.

Mary said... least you got Chipotle?

And yes, Columbus drivers are awful. I definitely don't miss that. DC is worse, though, I guarantee it. So many tourists don't know where they're going - ahhh awful!

Anonymous said...

I have the worssst road rage. Like screaming and yelling at people. Ugh! Maybe people just shouldn't suck at driving! lol

Nikki said...

Lmao! This is awesome! Road rage at its finest!

Beth said...

I agree! We have to have about THE WORST! Especially if it is anything but clear and 70 degrees. People see one cloud in the sky and suddenly they forget everything.

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

You sound just like me!! Try living in Houston,TX!

My-cliffnotes said...

I'm the same way! It's bad M hates when I drive lol

Michael Z said...

I get insane road rage over the littlest things. Stopping at yield signs, not turning right on red. It just irks me to no end. You create traffic when you do stupid shit like that.

Sarah said...

What is it with OH?! Cincinnati is just as bad!! Literally the day I moved to Cincy I called the hubs and asked him what the deal was with drivers here...awful!!

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