Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 things you need

After not being here a week, I wish I could tell you I was on vacation.
Just the end of the semester scramble, stress {more on this later} and lack of motivation coupled with general exhaustion - so yeah, sleep won whenever I had the choice between sleeping or blogging. And there may have been a couple hangovers in there too...

Anyway, I'm keeping it simple today.
You never want to overdo it your first day back, yanno?!
Here are three things you need right now...

1. $50 to buy new shoes {who doesn't?!}

 photo BlogPic1_zps14ba2343.png

There is a new, women's, online shoe boutique coming May 1:

The Scarpetta Shoe Boutique

And they are giving you the chance to earn up to $50 to spend when they launch.
All you have to do is "like" their Facebook page and leave your name and email {click on "share the deal" to see the entry form}!

 photo BlogPic2_zpse560392e.png

When the boutique launches in May, they will automatically email you a gift card to spend!
 The more people that sign up, the higher the gift card amount {up to $50}. For example, if 100 people sign up, everyone will get a $10 gift card. And you're not obligated to refer people to sign up.!
While you're on their page, check out the photos of  the adorable, designer shoes they will be carrying. 

2. Keysocks

 photo keysocks4_zps8c90e89d.jpg

Have you heard of these?
Well, if not, they are aaaaahmazing and you need a pair - or seven.
Shelby, the owner of the Cincinnati-based company, is a genius {which means I can forgive her for being a Bengals fan ;)}!
Keysocks are knee-high socks you can wear with flats {obviously under a pair of pants unless you're a private school girl} and no one knows you're wearing socks.
Take a gander:

 photo keysocks2_zpsda986147.jpg

 photo keysocks3_zps49475d5e.jpg

My feet are always cold and I usually avoid flats in the winter and early spring.
Now, I don't have to!
And you know how if you haven't worn flats for a while, you have to recondition your feet to wearing them again, which usually involves blisters?
 Wearing Keysocks prevents blisters! Whoop, whoop!
Happy feet, happy Holly - or however that saying goes...
Now, go get yourself a pair of Keysocks {only $9.95!}! 

 photo keysocks1.jpg

3. Honest Tea

 photo honesttea1_zps163e923c.jpg
{1. Just Green Tea, 2. Pomegranate Blue Ade, 3. Assam Black Tea, 4. (not too) Sweet Tea, 5. Peach White Tea, and 6. Honey Green Tea}

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Honest Tea and Honest Ade.
And to be honest, I enjoy some sweet sweet tea.
So I was a little skeptical when I saw the "just a tad sweet" line on the label.
But it was actually good, and yeah, just a tad sweet {but I didn't doubt it considering the company name, it doesn't seem like the false advertising type}.
And for all you clean eaters - this stuff is organic!   

My favorites were: Pomegranate Blue Ade, (not too) Sweet Tea and the Peach White Tea.
Sometimes I get tired of drinking water and need something with some flavor, but don't want to guzzle a butt load of sugar, so Honest Tea and Honest Ade are a perfect go-to beverage.
The other day at work I tried the Orange Mango Ade and it was delish!
Check out all the flavors {there is even some for kiddos!} and the next time you're grocery shopping or pass a vending machine, give Honest Tea or Honest Ade a try.
You won't be sorry {and I really can't lie about this!} :)    

I'm giving away ad space over on Lauren's blog, Sincerely, Lo!
Plus, some other amazing bloggers are giving away ad space and shop credit, too.

Good luck!

P.S. Flash sale over on Amanda's shop, Chloe vs. Tank! Everything 40% off with code FLASH.

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Christina said...

i want so many shoes!!! those socks are crazy!

Brittany Landers said...

Those socks are genius! Why didn't we think of that?! Haha. And I love Honest Teas...delicious without being so sugary.

-Brittany of @suburbchicblog

Anonymous said...

Honest Tea is so amazing! And those socks are brilliant!

Jacqueline said...

I love the honest tea... I like that it's not too sweet. I hate my teeth feeling like they're coated in sugar after a super sweet drink!

Gwen said...

First, I missed you and wondered where you've been!

And I love those socks! I've totally been struggling with getting my feet used to flats. I'm all over this.

The Pink Growl said...

Those socks are amazing! How awesome!

Ashley said...

Ok those keysocks are genius! Where they hot wearing them under your pants though?

Honest T I love! SO good!

Mer in America said...

those socks are the coolest idea ever. annnnd the bengals rock;)

smk053078 said...

Well, welcome back stranger!!! Glad you took your sleep over blogging!! And whaaaa thaaaa? I have not heard of Key Socks before....this is genius!!!! I want seven pairs like ya said!! LOL!!! NOW!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've never seen those socks before!! Amazingly practical!! Thanks for sharing! :)

-- Mary

Megan said...

I use the little socklets all the time but they always slip down to my toes!! I can't believe I've never seen these before!

Bev said...

those socks are genius!! thanks for sharing them because they look like they fit perfect with ballet flats!!

xo, Bev

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Those socks are genius!

Ali of

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