Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 rules for using public restrooms

This topic has been on my mind lately given some of my recent foul experiences in public restrooms.
Now, I know the use of public restrooms is a controversial topic with deeply split party lines.
Some people - like myself - have no problem popping a squat in public restrooms.
Others are adamantly against it.
And I don't blame you.

Public restrooms are some of the most vile places on the planet. But I cannot deny my bladder the chance to relieve itself when given the opportunity. Mostly because I'm prone to UTIs and bladder infections and I'd rather suffer through a dirty public restroom experience than pee in pain.

  That being said, as a public restroom user, I believe there are five simple rules we should all follow to make the experience just a little more pleasant.
Seriously, I really don't understand what the hell people are doing in there to make public restrooms so disgusting. It's really a simple concept - go in, do your thing, wash your hands and leave. There is really no need to over think it.

 5 Rules for Using Public Restrooms

1. Clean up after yourself.
For the love all that is holy, check the seat before you exit the stall!
Lately, I have been finding WAY too many things on the toilet seat - pee, water and yes, even pubic hair {gag!}.
What I don't know has been on that seat can't hurt me, even though I always cover the seat with those seat cover things or toilet paper.
The same goes for TP on the floor. If you dropped any in your haste to get in and out as quickly as possible, just pick it up and flush it.
And god forbid you don't make it into the toilet for whatever reason, please wipe it up.

2. Wash your hands.
This is some pre-kindergarten common sense right here.
But I have to put it on the list because I cannot count how many times I see or hear people leave public restrooms not washing their hands.
If there is no soap - pump like hell to see if you can get anything out of it or at least rinse with water.
Even though only using water doesn't really do anything, at least it makes me think you tried.

3. Courtesy flush when necessary.
There is only so much those automatic spritzers they install near the ceiling can do.
Be a dear, and remember: when you poo, flush times two.
I hate walking into a restroom and being forced to decide whether or not to breathe through my nose or through my mouth. If I breathe through my nose, I have to smell your stench. Gross. If I breathe through my mouth, all I can think about is how many poopy germs are getting in. Vom.
It's a lose-lose. At least the courtesy flush gives everyone a fighting chance.

4. Don't use the stall next to someone if you can avoid it.
It's awkward enough taking care of business with total strangers.
I find it even more awkward when someone uses the stall right next to me when all the others aren't in use.

 5. Wrap up your discarded feminine products.
And put them all the way in the allocated trash can in the stall.
 Because my dad was so weirded out by feminine products in the bathroom trash cans at home, I have been conditioned to wrap everything before throwing it away. For the longest time I even wrapped up the wrappers.
Seeing used pads and tampons meddling about in plain sight is nasty nasty nasty.

Bottom line: treat public restrooms like you would the bathroom in your own home.
Unless you're a complete slob.
Then follow these rules.

Anyone else have public restrooms pet peeves?

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Anonymous said...

Cleaning up after yourself is something I feel not many people do in public restrooms. It's just plain gross!! But I bet those same people get REAL mad when they walk into a stall and its a disaster.

Anonymous said...

There is this girl I work with who does NOT wash her hands after going to the bathroom...ever. It's disgusting.

callie ;) said...

so, the bathroom soap at my work is so bad - it makes everyones' hands painfully dry. i'm talking cracked skin here. almost everyone in my department uses hand-sani at our desks after using the bathroom, as opposed to washing our hands in there!

call me gross, but i don't want my hands to hurt all day every day. :(


Betty said...

I agree with you, especially on the first one! But, I suggest giving people the benefit of the doubt on the hand washing. You rarely see me wash my hands in the bathroom because I always use hand sanitizer once I exit the bathroom. Just a thought.

momFITtingitallin said...

I can't agree more! Also if you are squatting and you pee on the seat why doesn't the person whip that crap off???

I don't mind public restrooms - I know what I am getting myself into but if I have to go I am going to go!

Ericka said...

I feel the exact same way when I go in to public restrooms! I mean, what in the world do people do in there that makes them so disgusting?? So gross even thinking about it!

Ashley Rizzardo said...

Some of the things that go on in a ladies restroom disgusts me. For the love of all that is sacred clean the seat when your done.


Kristine said...

Girl, I couldn't agree more. Why are people such slobs?!

Sam said...

I choose to try not to breathe at all when in a public restroom with a smell. I'm so glad I'm not be only one who is equally as scared to breathe through my nose or mouth.

Amie said...

Be a dear, and remember: when you poo, flush times two.


Carolyn said...

OMG! I totally agree with all of this! SO GROSS!

Andi said...

It is so sad that this list is necessary, but seriously, people are nasty! I will add one that I had to deal with this weekend: If there's a line in the bathroom, so you exit the stall and someone else is ready to go right in, TELL THEM that the TP is out. I'm not sure what the person before me did (gross), but it would have been nice of her to warn me, so I could grab some from another stall before I was helpless and hollering for help from the person next to me. I warned the next person, and she just waited for another stall to open up. See, it's called being polite!

Jamie said...

People are disgusting. They go out into public and act like slobs. Yuck.

Casey said...

Oh gosh yes! Please people, clean up after yourself!

Karla said...

First, number 3 made me LOL. So true, it's hard to decided whether to breath through your nose or mouth in that situation. It's gross either way.

Second, I can't help by cringe at the thought of people substituting hand-washing for hand sanitizer. I was taught that hand sanitizer is to be used IN ADDITION to washing with soap and water. Never as a replacement unless you absolutely have no access to soap and water.

Studies show hand sanitizer DOES NOT kill 99% of germs ON HANDS as they claim. Manufacturers of the products test the products on inanimate surfaces so claims of 99.9 percent of bacteria killed become true. If the products were tested on hands, there would be different results.

Please ladies....Wash with soap and water!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the PSA! It amazes me how disgusting women's bathrooms gets. It's as if there's some subconscious thought of 'it's not MY bathroom', and therefor they can be gross and disgusting. NO LADIES. And #5 makes ME want to vomit. WRAP IT UP!

shelley said...

Can we PLEASE post these in EVERY public restroom in the world?! I am amazed at the nasty I find in public restrooms sometimes! My biggest pet peeve is #4, at work there is a line of 8 stalls, I can't tell you how many times when I'm the only one in there and someone comes in and comes into the stall RIGHT next to mine!! I just want to yell "WHY?! WHY?! You have choices, choose differently!" Can you tell that restroom etiquette fires me up??

Agnes Mayer said...

Too bad this is all common sense and people don't have any. The worst is when I have to take my son to the use them. I hate it. People are pigs!!! Don't forget to link up tomorrow. Show me your favorite spring trend. HOpe you can join. I'm also doing a giveaway for a $300 gift card to gap/old navy/banana republic. Come by and enter.



Gwen said...

All excellent points, and it floors me that some of the worst offenders apparently work in my office building. Seriously, people?

I would also add, don't talk on your cell phone in the public restroom. You're really not that important.

Janna Renee said...

Bahaha this is too funny, but ABSOLUTELY necessary! I feel like SO many people need this lessons. It makes me think of "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie" I never heard about a courtesy flush until recently, but I think it's genius!

gayle t. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gayle t. said...

So, I just have to share something I witnessed in the public women's restroom at my last job.

Clearly we all agree public restrooms are nasty, even if they APPEAR clean, they are teeming with germs and other crap (literally).

I walked in one day, and there was a lady WASHING HER DISHES IN THE BATHROOM SINK.

Her dishes. That she eats and drinks out of.

I was like . . .?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

For real. It's not like we had a shortage of normal kitchen and break room sinks around. We had probably 5 kitchenette sinks within 100 feet of the BATHROOM.

OH.MY.GOSH, I still to this day cannot figure out what was going on in her head.

Though, she also lectured me about how wasteful automatic dishwashers are, and how she uses hers at home for storage instead of dishes (which actually is UNTRUE! dishwashers use LESS water than washing by hand!) So.

Yeah. There's that. :-/

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

Anonymous said...

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Audra said...

This makes me laugh/cringe because this morning, I went to use the restroom at work, and the only available stall had pee in it.

Just the idea that I'd be peeing on top of someone else's pee - ICK. And I couldn't bring myself to touch the handle, because this strangers pee could have risen up out of the toilet to get on the handle. I thought I'd vom.

I waited for the other toilet :)

Erin said...

Hahaha oh my god stop I want to throw up now. I feel like I should go wash my hands just by reading this. Why must you have done this.

My dad was the same exact way though. I can remember it vividly. I didn't even leave anything out but he was like angry that I got my period he was like I want to see NOTHING. EVER.

Chelsea said...

yuuuuck. I work at a kids camp and the bathrooms are CONSTANTLY disgusting. I had a rotation off the other day so had to go around and go through a cleaning list, and totally found poo ON THE BACK OF THE TOILET SEAT.... in the boys bathroom. like how even!?!?!??!

My-cliffnotes said...

Ugh people are seriously so gross. I hate public restrooms.

Amber said...

Ugh YES! I am a public restroom user too, and I wish everyone had enough common sense to follow these rules. The world would be a much happier place ;)

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