Thursday, April 4, 2013

home tour: the man cave

Ladies, go get your husbands/boyfriends/friend with benefits, he's going to want to see this.
Shawn takes great pride in his man cave. Every guy needs a man cave.
I mean, c'mon girls, don't you wish sometimes your man had a cool place to watch sports so you can watch HGTV/Lifetime/crime shows {in my case} in peace? You see, the man cave is a great way to regain control of the remote. I cannot stand watching games when I don't cheer for one of the teams that are playing and Shawn isn't into my crime shows. The man cave is really a win-win.
And it's great for game days with friends.
Our basement is finished - a living room, half bath, laundry room {not pictured - it's pretty standard} and space at the bottom of the stairs for a reading nook or small office {you will not be seeing this area of our basement because it looks like a library and a craft store threw up on it. I'm not proud of it, and I will be taking tomorrow off to deal with it as we have renters coming to look at our place on Saturday afternoon!}.
Now, allow me to present:
The Man Cave
 photo 087_zps6ac89382.jpg

 photo 089_zps62c3a6dd.jpg

{not pictured: on the wall to the left is a giant Fathead of Ohio Stadium - Go Bucks!}
You may remember me telling you about the time Shawn bought this couch to replace another sectional we had that was perfectly fine. But this one reclines in four seats and it.has.cup.holders! Yes, this was an actual point Shawn tried to sell me on while trying to justify why we needed this couch.
 So, yeah cup holders win, and now you know why we didn't go on vacation last year.
I'm not bitter or anything...
Anyway, yes, that's a mini fridge in the corner. It's strictly for booze.
Mini fridge full of booze + bathroom = never coming out ever.
Or as Shawn so eloquently just put it: "drink beer, poop, watch sports." Don't tell him I repeated that. He also made up the term hussy slore bitch earlier...weirdo. Yeah, that stays between us, too.
Needless to say, on football Saturdays and Sundays, I don't even bother trying to get him out of here.
Pick your battles, ladies. Pick.your.battles.
Or go shopping after the game you wanted to watch. That's usually what I do.

 photo 091_zps9e422fb3.jpg

What you don't see here is the second TV that Shawn sets up for game days. As if 50 inches wasn't big enough. And yes, size does matter. No man complains about having too large a TV to watch sports on. Or multiple TVs in our case.
And I need to plug the soundbar {sitting on the stand in front of the TV}. Shawn replaced our multi-speaker sound system with this sleek LG soundbar and it sounds great. Lightweight, powerful and only the soundbar and subwoofer. 
Last but certainly not least, I would have to use both hands and probably some toes to count the number of Buckeye pictures in Shawn's man cave. That's good because sometimes I forget which team to cheer for.
Welp, that's it. That's where we live.
You can see the kitchen and living room here and the bedrooms here.
It's not much, but it's home. For now.
Fingers crossed we get it rented, so we can start the house hunting process.
Any tips for house hunting?
Things to know, to do, what not to do, questions to ask, what to look for in a realtor, good sites to house hunt on?
I'd appreciate your help!

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I kind of want a mancave...for myself...

lori said...

love it! our detached garage has a finished upstairs, which serves as my husband's "man cave" since we dont have a basement...

we built our house in january, but went through the whole "house hunt" process recently, i'd be happy to help if you have any questions.

my advice would be to find a realtor who is really listening and looking for you... ask your friends or people in the area for recommendations- our mortgage officer at the bank recommended ours after meeting us and she was a perfect fit. also, the first thing i would do is write down your must haves and nice to haves lists to give to your realtor... and include the locations that you want to be in.

good luck!

Ericka said...

Good luck on your house hunting adventures! We just bough our first house in August 2012 and love being home owners! Our process ended up being long (mostly our own fault for changing locations and the budget), but we eventually found the perfect house for us and we love it! Just remember, if something doesn't work out, then it just means that there is something better out there for you (this is something we learned and believe).

My-cliffnotes said...

Pick your battles is right!

Agnes Mayer said...

Love it!!! He is one lucky guy!!! I'm hosting a link up next thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring trend. Hope to see you there.


Melissa said...

Umm our hubbies would be besties. My husband and I both graduated from Ohio State and this man cave is his dream! Go Bucks! :o)

Val said...

We picked the school district (or few school districts) we wanted first and only looked in those areas. Once you have it narrowed, make sure you drive around the area at different times of the day (and even check out the commute to your jobs if you can one day). We love our house, but a few months after we bought it, a developer bought a nearby plaza to build a Walmart - gag - we would have never purchased in that area had we known.
Also know in your head what things are must-haves, must not haves.

Kristine said...

LOVE this. My boyfriend seems to think that the living room can be his man cave. He clearly needs to look else where :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Well you know I love this room. Can I come hang out?!!! Haha. I feel ya on the pick your battles. :P

Anonymous said...

This room has all the makings of being an amazing Giants room! Or Yankees for the bf. I could banish him to "his room" :)

Janna Renee said...

My hubby basically has the living room as his man cave ;) I'd rather hang out in our master bedroom or just be with him in the living room. Hubby doesn't watch sports, so I guess the mancave isn't as important. Although, I won't show Will this just in case he decides he needs one, because well, that is a pretty bad ass hangout!

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