Tuesday, June 18, 2013

how to: packing guide

I have a love-hate relationship with packing. 1. I love packing because it usually means that I'm going on vacation, and no one gets mad about vacation. No one. 2. I hate packing because that means I have to leave the majority of my wardrobe behind, limiting my options for vacation outfits. {3. I hate unpacking}. This gives me anxiety - What if I realize too late that a different top goes better with a pair of shorts I packed? What if my feet burn and all the shoes I have rub on my burnt feet? Packing is serious business, my friends.

So I did what any anxiety-ridden packer would do. I searched for a packing guide and found this one from these chic chicks right here in Columbus, OH. And then here is how I spent two hours of my night before my Myrtle Beach vacation:

1. Basics: I started with basics that go with everything. For me, a white tank and a striped shirt are essential. The holey sweater came in handy for the chilly car ride and restaurants.

 photo 96483b9b-bb8a-4096-ada5-6665cd90a550_zpscf96523d.jpg
{all Old Navy}

2. Bottoms: A pair of frayed jean shorts and some colorful ones are a must for me {and I finally cut the tags off those green shorts after two years in my closet! Small victories.}. I think it's always safe to pack a pair of skinnies just in case there is a chilly summer night.

 photo 841d94d9-1750-440d-9feb-de848d0614e0_zpscbb10a35.jpg
{skinnies {similar}, jean shorts and yellow shorts: Old Navy; green shorts: Forever 21; coral crops {similar}: Target}

3. Tops: I threw in some tops that can easily be dressed up or down, but are a step up from basics.

 photo c86caf7f-91ba-42ef-9a1e-58923e86f9bd_zps3db02ccf.jpg
{mint, chambray {similar}, stripes: Old Navy; lace: Target; coral: gift from Kelly}

4. Dresses: These should be under Basics, in my opinion. I mean, who goes on vacation without a summer dress? I am loving maxi dresses right now. They are so comfy and versatile.

 photo b5ff91f8-34ee-4c19-835f-928838f542ec_zpsf6d5c222.jpg
{stripes: Kiki La Rue {old}; black {similar}: Target {old}; gray {similar}: Old Navy {old}}

5. Shoes: If you're like me, you pack WAY too many shoes. But the best two pairs of shoes I ever bought are those nude flats and sandals. They go with every outfit and really helped eliminate my desire to pack an excessive amount of shoes. For me, the key is comfort and versatility. Of course, you always need a trusty pair of flip flops for the beach. And I couldn't pass up those orange sandals when I saw them in Marshall's a couple weeks ago. Statement sandals for the win!

 photo 0d06bc70-52fb-4c90-8d50-72f5ef873c5f_zps5861624a.jpg
{orange: Marshall's; flats: Target; flip flops and sandals {similar}: Old Navy}

6. Swimsuits: Um, it's a vacation. Even if you don't think you need a swimsuit, pack one five anyway. I'm a sucker for bright, colorful patterns and stripes - aka all swimsuits except solids. 

 photo d523a83d-6643-48d5-ae11-760f97eaa364_zps042d5dbc.jpg
{pink paisley: Victoria's Secret {old}; purple multi: Target {old}; black and white stripes, pink stripes {similar} and white/blue: Old Navy}

7. Accessories: Can we just pause for a second and notice that I did NOT include a scarf. If you've been around these parts at all, you know I have a scarf obsession. Who needs necklaces when you can wear a scarf? - that's my motto. Anyway, I wanted to keep my accessory selection simple, and took just a few pieces that I wear regularly. I got that hat at Old Navy for $5 on clearance - I'm obsessed!

 photo d2091266-0fb9-4616-9fbd-9d8d114e8018_zps9bccdb65.jpg
{hat: Old Navy; belts and earrings: Forever 21; watch: Kohl's; yellow bracelet: H&M; teal bracelet: After Sunset}

Here are 18 different outfits {there were more, but I thought you'd get the idea with 18 ;)} I came up with using the mini-wardrobe I packed. I seriously impressed myself {and felt like I embraced my inner Shanna} when I realized how many options I had with just a few key pieces.

 photo PackingOutfitsCollage1_zpsa5d394b5.png

 photo PackingOutfitsCollage2_zpsbb078013.jpg

And when I pack, I roll my clothes to save room. Even with packing all these duds, I still had nearly half a suitcase open, which Shawn promptly filled.

P.S. In case you're curious about how I'm clothing myself this summer {besides all those sweet outfits I came up with}, check out my post over at Capital Style magazine's blog!

P. P. S. Want some free blogging advice? How about from some pretty good looking ladies? Oh, OK then, well go enter here!

 photo hollysig_zps6042c54d.png


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

I always seem to WAY overpack. I always like having my options open, but then realize that I don't wear half the things in my suitcase. Great tips.


Ericka said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am going on my honeymoon in less than two weeks and I always over pack, so this is super helpful!

Ashley Rizzardo said...

Thanks for the tips. I will keep all of this in mind when I am packing for the beach in a few weeks!


Erin LFF said...

I will definitely have to reference this next time I'm traveling. I'm SO BAD about overpacking, and it always drives me nuts! Love all your clothes btw, but those orange sandals especially ;)

Katie Did What said...

Oh, packing. I have such a love/hate relationship with it. Definite anxiety right there. I always end up packing way more shoes than I need haha


Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i am LOVING your outfit choices!!!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

Good job!! I hate unpacking!! I always over pack, but i think I will take your advice here and take it as a challenge and channel my inner Shanna to hahah

em.me.ma said...

this is such a great post!! i usually underpack and assume i'll be doing shopping (which didn't happen when i went to hong kong for 2 weeks! yikes) but I am the exact same about scarves haha!!

Kaylin said...

Love this post, seriously helpful. I always pile stuff in and never think to start with the basics....silly me.
Now I know!!!

Stesha said...

you are great at packing, you must help me! I roll my stuff too, its the only way to go!


Anonymous said...

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Chelsea said...

Love this! I defiantly need to learn how to pack better, and will be keeping this in mind :)

smk053078 said...

Okay, I am going to California next month...will you come pack for me?? I am NOT good at it at all....you should make this a part time profession...you have some skills!! ;) And thanks for the rolling tip...I have never done that before.

Agnes Mayer said...

Great post. I try to do the same thing when packing.

Don’t forget to link up tomorrow and stop by and enter my Children’s Place giveaway.



Anonymous said...

Nice job!!! Wow. I always roll my clothes too. It saves space (to pack more) and it keeps the wrinkles away!

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