Monday, July 1, 2013

summer bucket list + a giveaway

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1. Go on a beach vacation. CHECK! My whole family went to Myrtle Beach in June.
2. Go to Cedar Point. We Ohioans are lucky to have the best amusement park in the world right in our backyard.
3. Finish Gone Girl!
4. Throw Shawn a 30th birthday party. His birthday is July 26.
5. Celebrate my niece Ava's first birthday. August 8th.
6. Listen to live music and drink on a patio. CHECK!

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{Whitney, Lindsey, Emily, Amber and I at Keystone Pub at Polaris last Thursday.}

7. Sell our condo {I realize this may be wishful thinking, but hey, I'm a glass-half-full kinda gal!}
8. Go hiking in Hocking Hills.
9. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on August 8.
10. Cookout with friends/family.
11. Re-implement my morning workouts.
12. Go cabrewing. You know, canoeing with beer.

I've put together a little giveaway with some help from these lovely ladies.
I've also asked them to share the top 3 things on their summer bucket list.
Enjoy and enter!

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{$15 Starbucks Gift Card}
1. Take the kids to Palm Springs for the weekend.
2. BBQ and swim party with friends.
3. Learn to skateboard.

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{$25 Target gift card}

1. Go to a summer concert.
2. Get a tan (I live in Florida for goodness sakes).
3. Enjoy Crab Island at least once this summer.
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 {$15 shop credit}
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 {2 months of large ad space on Penniless Socialite}
 1. I am actually going to make it to the beach this year!
2. Take the dog for a hike.
3. Take a road trip to New England.
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 {$10 store credit to Sara's shop, Sweet Piper Lane}
1. Visit Maine and eat lots of lobster!
2. Work on my tan.
3. Clean out my closet. 
 photo sarayamaw_zpse5a0dcec.jpg
 {winner's choice: 1 month of large ad space OR 2 months of medium ad space}
 1. See a drive-in movie!
2. Spruce up our guest room with new paint on a dresser and bookcase {here's to hoping it's easier than I think it's going to be!}
3. Have a few technology-free days where my husband and I spend time together focusing on US instead of our phones and computers.

 photo 81da4a28-cbe4-4af0-9bd5-92b1e29a27dd_zps7911be81.jpg
{$25 Amazon gift card}

1. Complete nursery.
{Brittany was one of the preggos we surprised with a baby shower a couple weeks ago!}
2. Make frozen meals.
3. Relax and enjoy time with family.

One winner takes all! The winner will be announced on Friday, July 5! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Amanda said...

I wish we were going to the beach this summer but we've gotta save all our extra funds for the baby :)

Hiking in Hocking Hills is amazing in the summer time!

Not So Newlyweds said...

Look at all my grey hair in that pic!! haha

Love your summer bucket list!

Sara Smeby said...

What a fun post and giveaway! Thank you so much! We've yet to have a beach day, as it's just now warm enough (and the rain has stopped here in Seattle). My Crazy3 need some beach time. It's Item Number One. Thank you!



Ace Maxs said...

This is amazing contest.
Count me in. Good luck everyone.


Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

Never heard of cabrewing, but I'm pretty sure I'd LOVE it ;)

The Pink Growl said...

I'm with you on the morning workouts!

Anonymous said...

Id love to head to the beach, but since that's not happening, I'll be happy with a tan.

Jenny said...

Number one thing on my summer bucket list is to relax before the baby comes in Sept! Lots of date nights for hubby and I :)

Margaret said...

Number one on my bucket list is definitely more pool time! But cabrewing is definitely on there! I haven't gone in so long!

TheTinyHeart said...

I want to take lots of little day trips :)

The Tiny Heart

Antonia R. said...

Our big to do is to go camping. We're planning a trip to Mackinaw City/Island for in August and I can't wait! We're taking our two year old for the first time.

Sarah said...

I want to plan a 2nd anniversary celebration :) It's not until October 1st, but I know if we don't put something on the calendar we won't get around to doing anything!

My-cliffnotes said...

Get married!!

Anonymous said...

I really want to go to the beach!

AubreyLaine said...

Have a baby! About to be marked off in a month and a half :)

Genna said...

I'm totally going to CP next week! We are so lucky to have it so close!

Genna said...

And my bucket list is lame: save money cuz I'm a broke college student!

Heidi said...

Cabrewing! I like it!
I finished Gone Girl in 4 days and hated the end! But I was so sucked in I had to!
Yay for live music. Always a fun time. :)

Forever Dream Photography said...

Man, I don't even have a bucket list : ( You are so much more exciting! plus a giveaway is always fun.


Lesti said...

get a propper tan :)

Anja MacGillivray said...

Thank you for such a great giveaway!
I have many things on my bucket list but #1 now is camping - I really want to try it :-)

Nikki said...

I had a hard time getting through the first part of Gone Girl, but once you get to part two, it's awesome!

My number one bucket list item is seen an outdoor concert. I will be fulfilling this Friday!

CeCe said...

Is it weird that I don't really have any plans for summer? I guess I already took my vacations early on last month!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Definitely to make it to the beach with my whole family!

Sparkles and Shoes
Don't forget about the switch to BlogLovin!

Ashley said...

love your bucket list! mine would probably look like:
-go to the beach
-beach vacation
-visit kristin at the beach
-do a race on the beach

haha, i'm slighly obsessed!

Kaylee said...

Yeah, so I'm not gonna lie, I jumped up and down at the mention of Cedar Point.


And If you are there while I am there then we will be best friends. Fo sho.

Gwen said...

I haven't been to Cedar Point in several years. I should remedy that. A beach vacation sounds heavenly, but I don't know that I'll get that in this year. Boo!

karel said...

Instagram says is not found.

Miranda Pridgeon said...

My number one thing on my summer bucketlist is to try Paddle boarding!Found a good deal on Groupon. Can't wait to sign up!

Katie Contests said...

Learn how to breakdance!!!

Justine B said...

Drink more wine! said...

with the beach about an hour away I have yet to go this vacation!! fail!! cabrewing sounds super fun!!

Janna Renee said...

If we have time on our trip, I totally want to go to Cedar Point!

Rachel said...

Cedar point is awesome! We went there for our honeymoon! I know we won't make it out there this year, but I'm hoping for next year!

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