Thursday, August 29, 2013

don't do this if you're house hunting

You know how people say when you're upset, you should let the dust settle so you can think logically about a situation before you say something you'll regret. Ah, screw that. Shawn and I have had our condo on the market since the beginning of May. And let me just tell you, this has turned into one of the most annoying situations of my life. I'm being slightly overdramatic, but this process blows. 

Picture this: You spend an hour sprucing up your house preparing for two showings. You put all your clothes away that you've let pile up for days. You mop. You sweep. You clean door handles and faucets you neglected during your cleaning routine the other day. And you pile your two, 80-pound dogs in the car and head to your in-laws, who have been so kind as to let you come over for the umpteenth time during this process, for the afternoon. With your two, 80-pound, hairy dogs. Did I mention that I'm nominating my in-laws for fur grandparents of the year?

And then. AND THEN those asshats, who asked for a showing in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, DON'T SHOW UP! Neither one. You're damn right I was pissed. I had just driven back from a bachelorette party in Cincy only to have to clean my house for these showings, when all I really wanted to do was lay the f*ck down, watch crime shows and take a f*cking nap on my own couch. But no, I'll inconvenience myself for the slim chance of selling my house. On a Sunday. After a bachelorette party. Because hey, YOLO.

Now, I understand that things happen. Things beyond one's control. But let me just tell you what happened to these would-be, home-buyers. One decided on the way to their showing that our house was too far east for them. Listen hear, dipshits. Ever hear of a map? I'm going to guess that you used some form of navigation to figure out how to get to my house. Didn't happen to notice the location of where you were headed and/or the distance from where you currently live? Did you even look at the map?! I'm really struggling to understand how you didn't realize how "far east" my house was because the map tells you the mileage, the location, the surrounding area, distance from point A to point B. And if your realtor picked out my house for you to go see, you didn't think to ask where it was located? So yeah, someone here is the moron and I'll give you two guesses who it is, and the first one doesn't count.

The other showing, well, apparently their kid got sick. Now, that's more acceptable than the "your house is too far east" bullshit. But no courtesy call? You scheduled an hour to go through a condo that you can see every nook and cranny of in 10 minutes. And I would have let this be, but then we found out that you were the ones who requested a showing last night at 6 p.m. Of course, that was after my husband agreed to the showing. You know the old adage "you only get one first impression?" Yeah, you done wasted your one chance with me. Especially because you're not the first person to no show for a showing. And I've had it.

Now, I understand that it was our decision to put our house on the market and agree to allow complete strangers to tour our house in one-hour increments. But when people no show, that really chaps my ass. If I were a complete slob and didn't spend time cleaning my house and making it smell fantastic, I wouldn't care if you showed up or not because clearly I'm not that interested in selling my house. But I am and you would know that our house looks and smells amazing if you SHOWED UP!

Moral of the story: DO NOT NO SHOW FOR A HOUSE SHOWING {unless there is a good life and death reason to cancel}. It's f*cking rude. So when you're house hunting and schedule a showing to go see someone's house, please consider the time they may have put in to making the house presentable and how inconvenient it can be to leave one's house on a Sunday afternoon after a Saturday night bachelorette party. Just sayin'.

At least my house is clean. So there's that.
End rant.

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Sam said...

Amen sister! Those buyers and the realtors suck. At least call to cancel!!!! Have a little value for other people's time!

Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne said...

Couldn't have said it better! If I ever decide to sell my house, I will defiantly not be scheduling it later than 3pm, I find that a bit rude.

Heidi said...

I went through this too! Loaded up two cats and everything. People said the dumbest stuff, like - we didn't like the houses across the street. What?!
Good luck and hope it sell soon! :)

Erin LFF said...

BOO! That definitely sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

wow that is really ignorant! Having your house on the market is a lot of work. We did it a couple months ago. We had a lot of people want to come see it during the work day. I was giving up my lunch break left and right to go home to get the dog out of the house.
Good luck!! I hope it sells to someone with real sense soon.
People are just rude!

KatyK said...

Oh my. I'm sorry. I'm laughing. I love you! I also promise never to be a no show.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to ever have to deal with anything like this but that is incredibly rude. It's like not showing up for an interview.

My-cliffnotes said...

Get em girl!

Janna Renee said...

I'd be pissed too! That is so messed up...I could NEVER do that to someone, and I sure as hell wouldn't give them a second chance either.

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