Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 halloween costumes i wore

Let me just preface this by saying, I'm not good at Halloween costumes.
I'm not creative and I don't make time to research and create fancy DIY ones.
Typically, I just throw something together last minute on the cheap - using pieces I already own and/or picking up just a couple of new items to complete a look.
I do enjoy wearing wings though.
Here are 10 costumes I've donned over the years:

 photo 47_504974510405_9950_n_zps0dcddbe8.jpg

 photo 74029_10150094369610129_2215295_n_zps7a8d83f3.jpg

 photo 155_506014890475_6602_n_zpsb4efdfb5.jpg

 photo 2110_515540296485_2237_n_zpsee77d802.jpg

 photo 11231_530243890365_854644_n_zpsf2b2dc22.jpg

 photo 155_506014940375_9639_n_zpsa4d70a67.jpg

 photo 382740_596540556315_1645583651_n_zps38b510c5.jpg

 photo 73522_546901408565_7981578_n_zps39720bea.jpg

 photo 200372_504883437915_8320_n_zpsae4e4128.jpg
{college radio station Halloween marathon night}

 photo 1392022_761069394205_1073461733_n_zpsefb09518.jpg
{this year's 1920s look}

Happy Halloween, ya freaks!

 photo hollysig_zps6042c54d.png


Katie Did What said...

Ohhh my gosh, love them all!! You were the prettiest ladybug EVER!


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