Tuesday, October 1, 2013

avery lane boutique {review} + 25% off

 photo Poncho4_zps40f257f8.jpg

 photo Poncho3_zpsd872392a.jpg

 photo Poncho1_zps5e90796d.jpg

 photo Poncho2_zps8e21f0d4.jpg
{fringe pullover poncho: c/o Avery Lane Boutique | leggings: WalMart | pumps: Target {similar} | Toms: Toms}

So I've had this crazy idea for a while to open my own clothing store.
Don't worry mom, Shawn and friends, I don't have time or cash money for this fantasy adventure...............................................................yet.

Anyway, there are three rules for my clothing store:

1. Nothing would be over $50.
2. The name would have to have the word "boutique" in it, because it sounds more legit that way.
3. Items would need to meet my comfy chic requirement and be things I'd want in my own closet.

Essentially, Casey at Avery Lane Boutique stole my whole concept ;)
But she sent me this gray fringe pullover poncho, so we're almost even.
Speaking of the poncho, I had my eye on this puppy last fall/winter and never bought it, but now I'm certain it will be a fall/winter staple for me this year. It's so easy to throw on, dress up or down {most down if you're me} and go.

I love easy clothes. Getting dressed is enough of a struggle for me every morning {some might say I have too many options, but trust me, that's not the case}, I love the items in my closet that require little to no thinking. Which is why I love this poncho. The end.

Oh wait!
Use code "hollywoodlove25" at checkout to get 25% off your order at Avery Lane Boutique!
And follow Avery Lane Boutique on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!
Happy shopping, kittens.

P.S. Speaking of kittens, if you've not read Texts from Mittens, you NEED to! This shiz had me crying from laughing so hard last night.

 photo hollysig_zps6042c54d.png


Jessica M said...

I LOVE THIS. I may have just ordered one for myself! :) Thanks for sharing!

Neely said...

How cute are you!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love that sweater!!! An your face duh

Gwen said...

That pullover is so cute! Actually, I love so many of items on the site, and they're so affordable!

Janna Renee said...

That is such a cute top!

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