Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the cheap sheet {#1}

The Cheap Sheet 1
1. Rock & Candy via DSW vs Clarks via Zappos {inspired by Katie}
2. Old Navy vs Zoe Karssen via ShopBop {inspired by Julia}
3. H&M printed pants {inspired by Lauren}
4. Forever 21 vs BCBGeneration {inspired by Sabrina}
5. Old Navy boyfriend sweater {inspired by Lauren}

If you can't trust bloggers for style inspiration, who can you trust? 
And Pinterest is 85% fueled by bloggers {that stat is completely made up, but probably true}.
So, you can trust bloggers for style inspiration. 

You can also trust me when I say I'm a bargain shopper {I said so in my blogger intro over there to the right which means it's a fact}. I hate paying more than $50 for almost anything, and I like to challenge myself to find the styles that bloggers are wearing for less. And I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't share those finds with you, now would I?

Enter: The Cheap Sheet*.
I thought that title was clever. 
It's a quick list of my favorite styles inspired by other bloggers that I've found for less {or, in some cases, similar items I've found}.
Hopefully, I'll post this on a weekly basis. But don't hold me to that. Case in point: I've been toying with this idea for weeks and finally launched it today.

You can also find me over on Eve's Addiction today Sparkling Across America sharing my favorite accessory and the best bargain I ever scored {or can remember scoring - I have the memory of a fish}.

*Disclaimer: A quick Google search revealed that this name was not taken. So I took it. A quick search on Twitter revealed one user who does a cheap sheet of weekly business deals around Indy: FruGal's Cheap Sheet. "The Cheap Sheet" is a round up of my favorite fashion finds for less, inspired by bloggers. I don't want to piss anyone off, so I included this disclaimer. The end. 

Today marks one year since my grandma passed away. She was an amazing woman, and now she is a beautiful angel. Love her and miss her every day. Sending extra love to my grandpa today.

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Katie Did What said...

Girlll I am right there with you: total bargain shopper. Also, I believe that statistic is accurate. Sounds right, anyway. ;)

Love to you and your grandpa and family <3


Amber said...

Amazing idea! I love this. I really am loving that boyfriend sweater from ON, too!

Mary said...

Hugs to you and your family today.

Love the Cheap Sheet idea, too! Super cute! Maybe it could be a fun link-up!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

this is fantastic!

My-cliffnotes said...

You are the best!

Ericka said...

Love this idea! I'm definitely a bargain shopper too, so finding the latest styles at discounted prices really excites me. Can't wait to check this out each week!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the title of this post alone snagged my attention. I'm with you, anything over $50 isn't for me. Cheap, frugal, whatever... that's me!

Mariah said...

Hi there. I just noticed that I've been following you on Twitter for awhile, but somehow never landed on your blog before. I love these posts (read #2 & #3 first)!

Mariah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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