Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 reasons why you should marry/date a browns fan

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My name is Holly and I'm a Browns fan.

Let's pause a second for all the other NFL teams' fans to crack jokes. Please note that none of them will ever top this video.


Thanks to growing up in northeast Ohio in a family that is full of diehard Cleveland fans, I've been a Browns fan all my life. And despite the team's piss poor less than stellar performance most Sundays, I shall remain forever a Browns fan.

And I have been lucky enough to find another Browns fan with whom to share my life, and every football Sunday. Someone who really gets me and accepts me for who I am, even at my highest of highs and lowest of lows. A Browns fan just knows. They've been there.

Here are three reason why I think you would be lucky to marry/date a Browns fan of your very own:

1. We don't give up at the first sign of trouble.
Football teams, like relationships, have their ups and downs. Sure the Browns may give up a touchdown the first play of the game, or throw an interception during the first drive, but a true Browns fan doesn't change the channel. No. Why? Hope, my friends {and a fridge full of Bud Light}.

You want a mate that isn't willing to give up hope after one heated argument, right? And one that continues to cheer and fight for what they want and believe in, even when the odds are heavily stacked against them? I'm telling you, a Browns fan is the way to go.

2. We can handle commitment.
Do you know how hard it is to cheer for a team that has let you down for years? But that's life. Sometimes people let you down. That doesn't mean they are a bad person or undeserving of a second chance. Do you know how many chances a Browns fan will give you?! Keep reading...

3. We are loyal.
We've shown up every miserable Sunday for YEARS. Even when there was no team in Cleveland, the truest of us continued to bleed brown and orange. Fair weather fans we are not. Come hell, snow or Brandon Weeden. We wear our team apparel with pride. Where my dawgs at?

See you Sunday, Browns fans.

P.S. HUGE shoutout to Erin for my new blog design! She captured my style, and the look I was going for, perfectly. She's a blog design genius, my friends. If you're considering a new blog design, hire Erin. The end.


Margaret said...

Bahaha...come hell, snow or Brandon Weeden (all of which are equally horrible). Awesome post girl!

Alyson said...

I am sorry you are a Browns fan;) but good for you for sticking to your team. Being that I live in Pittsburgh, Sundays are always dedicated to Steelers football but this year not so much. Fair weather fans over here.

Visiting from Random Wednesday!


Miss Chelsea said...

Hah this is fantastic

Kristine said...

It could be worse... you could be a 49ers fan ;) haha.
Loving this.

smk053078 said...

I have to agree with comment above and be a Cowboys fan!! LOL! I am sticking with my Texans even though they are playing like SHIZZZZZZ this year! You are too funny and the things you come up with!! Ha!!

Gwen said...

Hahaha! Great post! It's true, Browns fans are absolutely loyal. That video is hilarious - "you are a factory of SADNESS!"

Jess said...

Haha, love this! My husband is a huge Browns fan and I always think it's funny how superstitious he is about their games!

Jess - J's Style

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