Monday, December 23, 2013

bah humbug

 photo photo19_zps8eadf638.jpg

 photo photo20_zpsaa71cf5a.jpg
{gift wrap, tags and bows from Target}

Literally the only things that look like Christmas in our house are these presents and the Christmas cards we've received from family and friends {so many cute babies on these cards this year!}.

Because we're preparing for our big move {into the in-laws house while we take a few months to house hunt}, we didn't bother to put up our usual Christmas décor - no pre-lit tree, no garland or stockings lining the banister, no lights on the porch rails or bushes out front, not a wreath on the door...nada. Bah humbug.

Shawn and I have yet to send out Christmas cards in our four years of marriage. Don't think for a second that I was breaking that tradition this year. And because we'll owe a cool couple grand in closing costs and other expenses that come with selling our condo, I didn't get Shawn a damn thing for Christmas. Not one thing.

Wow. I sound like a real Grinch. Had I not teared up at this Apple commercial, you might as well have started calling me Mrs. Scrooge. Seriously, watch it and try not to cry:

And don't worry, Shawn isn't getting me any gifts either.

Hopefully, next Christmas, we will more than make up for the lack of holiday cheer in our house this year. In our NEW house. With a big yard full of snow, riddled with puppy paw prints and yellow spots. And lots of presents under a big, ol' tree. Shoot, I might even send out Christmas cards. {insert mind blowing hand gesture}


emily said...

the commercial def got me to the 'pre tears'. if he would have been waiting for a facetime with a parent oversees i would have lost it right here at work.

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