Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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When I was in college, I had always thought that after graduation I would move out of Ohio. I was born and raised here, and it was time for a change. I wanted to experience new things, new places, new people. New everything. At that time, I saw myself in NYC or maybe down south in Charleston, SC.

I've never been a loner, but I'm not afraid to be alone. I rather enjoy my own company. Moving away from the things that were familiar and my family and friends didn't scare me. I craved the adventure. I still do from time to time.

I also think there was a part of me that thought the grass was greener somewhere else. But the Universe has a funny way of stopping you in your tracks. Of changing your plans. And handing you a hose with which to water the grass right where you are.

And you wanna know what grew? Love. Love for a redhead who simply cannot fathom the idea of moving out of Columbus, Ohio. And together we have made a home. We've experienced new things, new places, and new people together. Alright, Universe, you've won.

Still, there are days I catch myself wondering about the color of the grass {and sand} in places I've never been. But that's what vacation is for, right?

I really have no idea where I was going with this post. Maybe to remind myself that my plans can {and will} change, and that it's OK to let go and let the Universe drive for awhile. Maybe to remind myself that where I am is exactly where I'm meant to be.

Or maybe I just needed some filler before I told you that Shawn and I will soon have a new home.


{well, it's in contract, and we just got good news on our appraisal}
You can see my home tour here, here and here. Though we no longer have photos hanging on any walls, and the man cave is slowly filling up with boxes in preparation to move over Christmas break.

We close on January 15, and while that still seems so far away, I know it will be here soon. I've already thought about the last time I will walk through each room. The last time I will stand in the doorway. The last time I will close and lock the doors. And I'm already tearing up. I'm starting to realize why the people on those house hunting shows have a hard time moving. It's not just a house. It's a home.

And this condo was Shawn and I's first home together. For nearly seven years we filled it with love, laughter, bickering and a lot of stuff I'm not looking forward to packing. Though, I'm excited for the house hunting experience, moving out will certainly be bittersweet come mid January.

P.S. If you're looking for a cute, cheap gift idea that benefits a good cause, check out The Home T. I love mine! {I was not paid or solicited to say that.} 


Shannon Dew said...

EEEP!!! Congratulations! WOOHOO!! Something else to celebrate tomorrow!

Gwen said...

Congratulations! I remember when we moved out of our first house. Even though we were really excited to move on to something new and different, we stood there and cried the last time we were at the house.

Audra said...

Once again, I must say I am the #3 most excited person for you (behind you and Shawn) that you sold your condo! I can't wait to be neighbors!!! I am already looking up houses in my neighborhood. We'll talk criteria at our wine date on Thursday :-)


Chelsea said...

YAYYYYY! Such amazing news! I also really liked this post before the super good news because, well, we all know I'm the queen of moving, ha :)

I know it's going to be bittersweet but you'll have so many wonderful memories to make in your next home! So happy for you, love!!! xo

Janelle {Undomestic Bliss} said...

Whoooooo!! Congrats! I hope that means we can look forward to some cute home decor posts in the future :)

Ashley Tyler said...

Congratulations on selling your condo!!! That's so exciting to be preparing for the next part of your life. And this post could not have come at a better time.

Janna Renee said...

Yay for selling your condo! I'm sure you will miss the memories, but now you just get to make new ones.

smk053078 said...

First of all you are precious!! Secondly, congratulations on selling your condo. I know how you feel though, when we sold our first home and moved I bawled like a baby...like someone had died. Keep watering that grass, sister!! :)

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