Wednesday, December 4, 2013

if you really knew me

 photo sweats2_zps4cd74c26.jpg

 photo sweats3_zps0ba99d91.jpg

 photo sweats1_zps21f304b2.jpg

If you really knew me...

- you'd know that the outfit above is one of my favorite. I look forward to putting on sweats when I get home every day.

- you'd know that I am the most indecisive person EVER. Except when it comes to wearing sweatpants.

- you'd know that I curse all the time. To me, they are just words, but I do watch my mouth in certain company and situations.

- you'd know that I love a clean house and car, and that Shawn does most of the housework and my dad still cleans my car when I go home. Riding in cars with dirty interior gives me anxiety. Gross.

- you'd know that I hate putting away laundry.

- you'd know that I love thunderstorms.

- you'd know that I talk to my dogs constantly. They totally get me.

- you'd know that I rub my hands together a lot - whether I'm anxious, excited, nervous, or just have a random burst of energy.

- you'd know that my brain is 75% song lyrics. I'm like a friggin' human jukebox {with a terrible singing voice}.

- you'd know that I'm an overachiever and a people pleaser. And sometimes I really dislike that about myself.

- you'd know that I have a note in my phone of baby names, even though I have no babies, I'm not pregnant, and Shawn and I aren't trying to get pregnant right now.

- you'd know that I don't wear pink.

- you'd know that I danced for 14 years growing up {the ballet, jazz, hip-hop kind, not the stripper kind} and two years in college, and I miss it.

- you'd know that blue foods and drinks creep me out.

- you'd know that I constantly dream of all the vacations I want Shawn and I to take.

- you'd know that the first channels I check on the TV guide are the ones with crime shows. I wish a Criminal Minds marathon was on

- you'd know that I love making lists, especially on paper.

- you'd know that I sleep fully clothed - including socks. I can't sleep if my feet are cold.

Well, that was fun. Happy hump day :)


emily said...

i put on my sweatpants circa 2002 every day as soon as i get home. the nights i have to wash them are the worst. no other sweat pants feel as good as them!! the wait.....

Daily Express said...

This is such a fun post. :) I love all your "true confessions."

Chelsea said...

And YOU would know that I love you! ;) I still can't get over how similar we are. The not wearing pink, the indecisiveness, the dancing, the dads cleaning our cars. I could go on and on! Miss talking to you, girlfriend!!! xoxo

Gwen said...

I also don't wear pink and I could watch crime dramas all day every day. And if I'm home, I'm in "pleasures," which is what we call pajama pants.

Janna Renee said...

I didn't know most of these things, so good to know!!

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