Friday, January 17, 2014

5 of friday

1. I'm trying to convince Shawn that we have the perfect wall in our soon-to-be new basement to create a wine paradise similar to this one. Why he needs convincing is totally mind blowing because it seems like a real no-brainer to me. Although, he is trying to convince me that the pool table in said basement should stay. We will definitely get more use out of a wine paradise than a pool table. Duh. Anyway, we have our inspection for the new house on Monday. Fingers crossed it gets a clean bill of health.

 photo 2601_High_Timbers_MG_1459_zps39697a7f.gif

2. I bought a three-month gym membership via Groupon today for $39! I'm not going to tell you the name of the gym in case it totally sucks. I've never been there, so I took a bit of a risk buying it. But hey, I'm sure I've spent 40 bones in worse ways. I didn't even bother to look for reviews of this gym, of which I'm now a member. I like to live on the edge make my own judgments. But now that I don't live in a complex with a free gym, I need something to motivate me because this whole "oh, I'll just run outside" idea I had is flawed. Mostly because it's colder than my 40-degree, running-outside weather limit. My MIL is a member at LA Fitness near our now shared residence, and I used a guest pass to go a couple nights ago. It is a far cry from my old gym, and I was kind of intimidated by the meatheads atmosphere. 

3. This gem arrived in the mail this week. A fancy sweatshirt? It's pretty much the epitome of my personal style - comfy chic. And it was on sale with an additional percentage off. It made my bargain-shopper heart go boom boom. I don't see it listed online anymore, but Forever 21 is still having an extra 50% off sale on their clearance items. I really should have made this #5 on my 5 on Friday list because now you've all left and gone shopping...

Sequined Sleeve Pullover
{shout out to Shanna for introducing me to this new addition to my closet}

4. If you're still with me and haven't left to shop Forever 21's sale, go eat a cookie. You've earned it for showing some self control. I would have been outta here. So anyway, I signed up for Erin and Whitney's Blogger Happy Hour on February 6. I can't wait to chat it up with these two and seven other lovely bloggers.

5. Mark your calendar for Sk80s on February 8! If you're in Columbus, or even if you're not {people come from across the country to this event!}, you're invited. Everyone and their mother is invited. This year's theme is Skate by the Bell. It's $20 a person {includes your skates} and BYOB {21 and up}. If you want more deets, leave a comment. Or if we're friends on Facebook, send me a message and I'll send you the invite.

 photo 398123_463551760374295_1121289482_n_zps0c656814.jpg


Jessi Otey said...

I'll be honest I couldn't pay attention to anything else today after I saw that wine room picture- I've promptly tweeted my husband and presented the 'I need this' case hahaha Happy Weekend!

callie ;) said...

1. if you want help convincing shawn you need that wine paradise, let me know. i would come visit every day for happy hour (maybe that's a deterrent...haha). :)
2. sk80s messed up this year - wasn't saved by the bell mostly a 90s thing?

Because of Jackie said...

Now THAT is a boatload of wine! As for Forever 21, I shopped the accessories and have a pretty little package coming soon, I just need to stalk my mailbox;)

Ashley said...

I just bought a few items from the Forever 21 clearance sale and LOVE them so much!! Such a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Woah, that is completely wine paradise! I need this in my life.

Janelle {Undomestic Bliss} said...

I'm pretty sure every happy home needs a wine paradise. I'm sure he'll come around :)

emily said...

My LA Fitness is the same way. Thank goodness they have a 'women's only' room at mine, because I would never get close to a weight if I was on that floor with all of the guys.

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