Tuesday, January 21, 2014

getting happy with my body + a giveaway

Last week, I heard this saying: "What's the difference between a flashlight and a laser? Focus." Both provide a light, but in very different ways. A flashlight sees more big picture while a laser narrows in on the details. A couple weeks ago, I talked about wanting to work on simply enjoying my life in 2014, which is a very broad concept and goal {think flashlight}. I just took a step toward this goal by focusing on my health {think laser}.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of diets. I don't like the idea of restricting myself because I usually end up failing miserably. As soon as I take something out of my diet, I only want it that much more. And I usually cave. Especially if I say: "I'm not going to eat Chipotle for a month." Because Chipotle makes me happy and I could never abandon it like that.

One of the things I struggle with is my eating. I eat. And eat. And eat. And...you get the point. Some days I'm just a bottomless pit. Others, I just feel like eating, whether out of boredom or...yeah, usually I eat because I get bored. But most of the time I overeat and immediately regret my decision to eat that last bite. I spend a lot of days feeling bloated, looking like I'm four months pregnant with a food baby and constantly on the verge of a food coma. Part of my big picture goal of enjoying my life is feeling good about my body, which means getting my eating under control. Because I've found that when I'm not happy with my body, I'm just not happy. So on Sunday, my mother-in-law and I started a diet {dun dun dunnnnn}.

 photo newbookgraphicshred_zpsae9aebf5.png
She had heard about the Shred diet, so I reserved the book at the library and we decided to give it a shot. What I like so far {I'm only on day 3} is that this plan tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat, and how much exercise to do each day. There are a ton of food options, so I don't feel limited in my eating at all. In fact, we are constantly eating on this diet plan. So much so that the first day I didn't even finish all the meals and snacks I was supposed to because I was full.

I'm excited that the Shred diet could jumpstart my body transformation. Granted, I do not have that much weight to lose or much that I want to lose, but I know when I feel good about my body. It isn't necessarily when I reach a certain number on the scale, it's just how I feel. Lately, I haven't felt good at my current weight and the shape my body is in, so that means it's time for me to do something about it. It's time to get happy with my body.

The first step to enjoying my life is to focus on my health and to get comfortable in my own skin again. I'll keep you updated on my progress and if we like the Shred diet and stick with it.

On another note, this month I am sponsoring the beautiful, down-to-earth and stylish Meagan at Because of Jackie. And she's hosting her January group giveaway right now. Get in on this hot action:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was not compensated to talk about the Shred diet. All opinions are my own, as is my desire to attempt said diet.


Kay said...

Okay, so I'm beyond in love with the metaphor at the beginning. Flashlight vs. Laser. LOVE IT and I'm going to use it all the time now! Also, really excited to hear how the Shred goes for you! I've thought about trying it, but wasn't sure if I would be able to stick to it. So I'm curious to see how you do! GOOD LUCK!! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Good luck!

Audra said...

I'd like to see some of those recipes! I'm doing okay with eating, but I'm (ahem, Jon) is getting bored with some of my dinner options.

Also, we should do a fun workout class together sometime. It's too cold to run, but Zumba or something similar would be a fun way to keep from falling into a cardio plateau.

Because Shanna Said So said...

I eat...and eat...and eat too! I mean, I have two amazing Mexican food restaurants that I can ride my bike to! It's the devil....we need saving!! LOL! I need to reserve this book too...momma needs to shed about 5-7 LBS before summer!! Mostly I need to tone...and actually do that thing we call exercise!

Because of Jackie said...

Oh honey, I'm in the same boat! I just started putting my food intake into Fitness Pal again and it is eye opening. I love food and can eat a boatload, but apparently I can't eat everything in sight….boooooooo;)

Eat Drink and Be Mary said...

I think what's most important is to feel comfortable in your own skin while being healthy. It's not always easy thought, that's for sure!!

Janna Renee said...

That book sounds interesting! I like the concept of it telling you what/how much to eat and the right amount of exercise!

About the outfit, I don't see anything wrong with the outfit the giveaway was talking about, haha.

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