Monday, January 13, 2014

turning the page on one of life's chapters

This weekend, we officially said goodbye to our condo. It had been our home for 6.5 years, and we moved in when it was brand new. It was Shawn and I's first home together. As moving day approached, I found myself getting caught up in moments of reflection - thinking about all the memories this little condo holds.

On Saturday, Shawn's friends arrived to move our furniture and the remaining boxes that we hadn't taken over to our storage unit. I had a little girls' cheer clinic that day, so I wasn't available to help move. After the cheer clinic, Shawn had texted me saying he had forgotten something at the condo and asked that I pick it up. I was so glad I made the trip alone because as soon as I pulled into our complex, the tears welled in my eyes.

It seems ironic that Trace Adkins' "You're Gonna Miss This" was playing in my car as drove through our neighborhood for the last time. As soon as I entered the condo, I sobbed. I walked through each room one last time, collected the things Shawn had forgotten and stood in the kitchen attempting to leave for about 10 minutes before I pulled myself together enough to walk out and lock the door behind me for the last time. It was no longer our home.

There is something so bittersweet as this chapter in our lives comes to a close. There is also a catch-22 of emotions. I'm happy that we were able to sell our condo so that we can move to a bigger house, one with a yard for our dogs and more room for future baby Ritters. And don't get me wrong, we are very excited about our new house. But there is something heartbreaking about saying goodbye to our old one.

At the end of each of life's chapters, there is a sense of accomplishment, of success. And depending on the chapter maybe even relief. But there is also a sense of sorrow at the end of some chapters, because turning that last page seems so final. It's over. The end. I'm the type of person that doesn't dwell on the past. I can't change it, so I learn what I can from it and move forward.

And you know what they say: When one door closes...

 photo 91cc0859-7a84-4ae9-81d1-8305fdc15e35_zps2aff9791.jpg

Another opens... photo 127591_2_zpse7fbd0f4.jpg

Come back tomorrow for a sneak peek at our new house!


Audra said...

I am SO happy for you!!! I know the bittersweet feeling of leaving your first home, but it only means more exciting things to come! I can't wait to make some new memories with you in your beautiful new house! :)

Gwen said...

When we sold our first house and were ready to leave it for the last time, we just looked at each other and cried, even though we were totally ready to move on. So glad you found something quickly so you won't have too much "in between" time.

callie ;) said...

i had this exact same feeling yesterday, on my last day as a recruiter before moving into my new job. you summed up how i felt perfectly in your last paragraph.

i was thinking of you this weekend, and i can't wait for even better memories in your new house!! :)

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