Wednesday, February 12, 2014

if you really knew me

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If you really knew me...

You'd know that I love 80's music {thanks mom & dad!}.

You'd know that I love photobooths.

You'd know that I am not camera shy.

You'd know that the most challenging {and longest} part of my morning routine is picking out my outfit.

You'd know that my least favorite parts of my body are my thighs.

You'd know that I really only drink coffee for the creamer.

You'd know that I HATE dirty car interiors. It gives me anxiety. I will always offer to drive if I think the inside of your car is too dirty.

You'd know that I have a drawer full of lingerie I never wear.

You'd know that my socks always have to match.

You'd know that I now prefer "big girl" wine - red, as opposed to the introductory sweet white wines.

You'd know that I am a crime show junkie. Criminal Minds is my favorite, but I'll watch anything on ID and A&E.

You'd know that I {over}analyze conversations long after they are over and criticize myself for things I did or didn't say.

You'd know that I would rather someone be mad at me than disappointed in me.

You'd know that I have a soft spot for pet adoption and would love to run my own animal rescue.

You'd know that I appreciate a good one-time link up. Last year about this time, I hosted a one-day "I'm the Kinda Girl Who..." link up. And next Wednesday, Feb. 19, I'm hosting it again! Mark your calendar this instant! Click here to see my I'm the Kinda Girl Who post for inspiration.

Also, read my other If You Really Knew Me post.


Anonymous said...

My socks always have to match. My pajamas have to match. Always.

I always over analyze conversations. I read old text convos crazily.

Sarah said...

Yes love these posts!! And yes to red wine, allll the time.

Have you had the thin mint creamer? SO good.

Amy @ No Longer A Dreamer said...

Ditto to the drawer full of lingerie. Well except mine is just hung up in my closet and then drawers of bras and underwear. And yet I still find myself buying more. . .

Glad I found you and your blog hop today :)

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I love the Photo Booth pics! I work for a Photo Booth (and DJ) company. It's so much fun to dress up and have a party with the booths there! What a great party idea!

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