Friday, February 28, 2014

i'll kiss you if you buy me food

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I take my food seriously. And please do not judge me for throwing up in the men's restroom in college. It may or may not have happened several times. Fine, it happened more times than I care to remember, but I had a really good freaking time in college. And yes, Shawn was the first guy to ask me to marry him, but he was also the first and only person that I wanted to marry. It's such a strange and wonderful feeling finding the one.

And now you all know my middle name. My dad thought some chick on a soap opera was hot and her name was Melinda. He wanted that to be my first name, but my mom nixed that because she didn't want people to call me Mindy. I'm not really sure where Holly came from and neither are they.

If you haven't linked up with Erin yet, you better get on it!


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I will kiss you if you buy me food, I will cut you if you eat my food. This definitely needs to be a t-shirt.

Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

Food is a serious matter. I 100% agree with those answers! And the bank idea is brilliant.

Have a good weekend!

Lisa said...

Throwing up in the men's bathroom may not be your best moment, but it makes for some great memories (assuming you remember most of them)! Good luck with the move!

Amy @ No Longer A Dreamer said...

I definitely said to rob a bank too, but I added on to support my Chipotle habit. Maaaybe I should be more responsible and put some of that money towards my debt too! And yes! Food is most definitely serious business and my I will cut you statement also included food.

Great minds =)

Tenns Reid said...

I did this quiz a while back and it was a good time! Its so fun to learn a bit more about yourself and your fave bloggers. Your answer about getting married, cracked me up with him holding your hair!

Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

alyssa said...

I'm with you on plenty of these. Can't hate on a girl for having a good appetite!

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE said...

This is so fun, I can't wait to do mine tonight! I love the rob the bank part, I would so do the same.

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