Tuesday, March 4, 2014

playing favorites

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With my 30th birthday just two weeks from today, I figured I should let you know what some of my favorites are so you can appropriately select a gift for me. Should you so choose to get me a birthday gift. No pressure. Seriously. Plus, in the feedback from my "I'm the Kinda Girl Who" link up, many of you said you liked getting to know other bloggers better. So really this list is for you. You get to know more about me and I've made it easier for you to pick out a birthday gift for me {again, seriously, no pressure. At all.}. You're welcome.

Favorite color: Green. Like my eyes on a good day, or when I wear green.

Favorite animal{s}: Dog, horse, elephant, penguin.

Favorite team: The Ohio State Buckeyes. Note the pillow in the picture. I am loving this Script Ohio hoodie or this Ohio is for Lovers hoodie from Homage {size small - just sayin'}.

Favorite food: Mexican. I have a public love affair with Chipotle {even if some people don't consider it real Mexican food. For shame, some people, for shame.}.

Favorite wine: I've recently discovered BotaBox. Their Cab is amazing.

Favorite workout apparel: Since I'm training for a half marathon, I've been spending a lot of time in this stuff. I love my Nike Therma-Fit gear and my Old Navy compression leggings. And I am in the market for new Nike running shoes {suggestions welcome!}.

Favorite TV show{s}: Criminal Minds, Revenge, Scandal, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, FaceOff and most shows on HGTV and A&E. I really need to get a NetFlix account so I can watch House of Cards and other shows that are too amazing for regular television.

Favorite outfit: T-shirt and jeans sweatpants.

Favorite game: Cards Against Humanity. So wrong, but so freaking funny.

Favorite number: 18. I will always pick an even number on a number scale.

Favorite season: Fall. When the temperature hoovers in the mid-60s to mid-70s, the leaves are changing and football season is underway.

Favorite scent{s}: Kitchen Spice, Apple Crumble and Mahogany Teakwood. Candles from Bath & Body Works are the bees knees, and Shawn and I always have a healthy stash of them.

Favorite actor/actress: Jennifer Lawrence. It's so refreshing to see such a down-to-earth celeb. Ironically, she falls down a lot, making her quite literally down-to-earth.

Favorite hobbies: Dance parties, reading, blogging, eating and tailgating.

What are some of your favorite things?


Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

Dogs. Penguins. Revenge. HGTV. Fall. Ah! Love it! :)
Happy Almost Birthday!

Kayla MKOY said...

First of all I LOVE that pillow - I need that. Second, can you believe I've never played Cards Against Humanity?! I need to get with it!!

Cheri said...

Holly - love it + totally stealing this! You don't stop with these awesome posts, do you?

Kayla White said...

Ahh, love this idea. I am stealing for tomorrow's post!

Micah said...

Oooh. I may need to look into those Old Navy compression leggings. I don't like spending a lot of money on stuff I sweat in, but I seem to be lacking for workout pants right now.

Night Owl said...

tacky socks, anything hot pink, owls, dogs, law & order SVU, switched at birth, the fosters, heartland, tlc shows, my family, friends, music, the beach, photography

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

When whould you like your Birthday Elephant delivered??
PS- Burn Notice is a show you might like on Netflix. Plenty of seasons and episodes to watch :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Nike Pegasus running shoes. I switched over to those after having a lot of shin splints and I love them.

Kimberly said...

Mahogany Teakwood is an amazing candle! To find some new running shoes, check out www.6pm.com They have a thousand different things to look at when it comes to shoes and accessories. They have free, superfast shipping. It's basically the only place I buy shoes from anymore.
I love dogs and elephants too :)
Good luck on your marathon training! I'm just trying to stick to a small workout now to get started again.
Have a good day!

Shannon Dew said...

My favorite number is 18 too! Has been since 6th grade!

Steph G said...

BBW candles are my absolute favorite. Also, that pillow. I think I need one (for MN though). And for the record, Chipotle counts as Mexican food in my book.

Stephanie said...


Elizabeth Dietz said...

I just played Cards Against Humanity for the first time a few weeks ago... I didn't know what I was missing out on! Definitely going to have to invest in it for our next party!!

Amanda said...

Okay, that picture is so cute! Love love love that pillow! I've never played cards against humanity, but I really feel like I'm missing out! Everyone seems to love it.

Because of Jackie said...

18 is my fave number, too, and I am obsessed with Bota box wine (Moscato.) I mean, we have to like it from a bargain stand point, right?! I'm also obsessed currently with the Divergent series, which I just started this week and have sat in a cave all week reading. So. Good.

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