Thursday, March 13, 2014

why we should act like children

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In case you're new here, meet my sweet, adorable, funny, lovable {and a plethora of other adjectives that describe incredibly awesome mini humans} niece, Ava, who also doubles as one of my goddaughters. Fun fact, she was born on Shawn and I's anniversary. I think that means we're her favorite aunt and uncle. Anyway, every photo my sister sends me of Ava, or every time we FaceTime, or every time I see her, I am reminded that I should act like a child more often.

Why? Children are unapologetically themselves all.the.time. Here are a few lessons I've learned from Ava:

1. Be original. If you want to wear a purple owl hat with a pink coat and upside down sunglasses, do it.

2. Make mistakes. Even if you color outside the lines, at least you're not afraid to try. And, you know what they say, practice putting on your mommy's lipstick makes perfect.

3. Take selfies in the morning. If you've got panda pjs and crazy hair, you've got everything. Also, each oranges. They make your mouth look silly.

4. Lick the brownie batter spoon. Hell, lick the bowl. Brownie batter has no calories because children don't understand what calories are. And because brownie batter is delicious and it is unfathomable that one would deny themselves the simple pleasure that is brownie batter.

5.  Like Madonna said - express yourself.

6. Have a no pants day. Or wear them on your head because, well...#YOLO.

7. See the world from different perspectives.

8. Celebrate your successes - big or small. Whether you climb to the top of a mountain or the top of the bleachers in a high school gym, you did it and you are amazing.

9. Kill them with kindness. A smile and a warm heart.

10. {because I don't like odd numbers} Be yourself. Unapologetically, honestly and completely.

Could you imagine if you just expressed how you really felt when you felt it, or dressed the way you wanted to dress without feeling like you had to look like something out of a magazine, or licked the brownie batter spoon without thinking about how it will affect your thighs, or did a happy dance every time you crossed an item off your to-do list, or were unapologetically yourself?

There is so much we can learn from children. Ava has quite the personality, and she is not afraid to own it and be who she is. I think we should all act like children more often.

Race you to the monkey bars, doody heads!


Whitney Ellen said...

HAHA! Oh man, I couldn't love you more right now... and I think I say that A LOT. But seriously, you are just the best. I WILL BEAT YOU TO THE SWINGS!

Anonymous said...

Ahh this is adorable! I agree we should act more like children, adult life would be a whole lot more fun!

Audra said...

She is SUCH a cutie!!! And this post has me giggling like crazy. Can you imagine Ava saying YOLO out loud? I'd die.

Jamie Vespa said...

I absolutely love this! Any excuse to act more like a kid is ok with me! I've always considered myself a person who will never really grow up.

Cortney said...

How cute is your niece?!! Ahh love her! And this post.. especially #6 - I have those often.

Jacqueline said...

Yes! Every time I'm around Harper I think about this... she has zero shits to give about anything. Why don't we all live that way... it seems like we adults really have so much to learn!

Kristen said...

One of my favorite posts, I've seen in awhile. I agree 100%!!

alyssa said...

Love this! Definitely lessons we could all use reminding of every now and then. Great post :) and OMG how cute is your niece!!? I can't take it!!

Steph G said...

Oh I love everything about this. Your niece is adorable. My nieces teach me new things all the time, but yes, no pants days for the win!

Karen Marie said...

If you have panda PJ's and crazy hair you really do have everything.

You need to put that on a t-shirt or a coffee mug!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I love how my sisters kids dance around and don't care how silly they are. They literally don't even know what it is like to be embarrassed it is the most endearing thing. Oh I'm down with no pants parties always!

Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

I always appreciate the candor of younger kids. They totally call it like they see it without reservation. So fun! I agree that we should all strive to be more original :) Fun post! Glad you enjoyed your niece!

Madeline Mihaly said...

This post cracked me up- but it is so true. kids just don't care and its great!


Madeline Mihaly said...

This post cracked me up- but it is so true. kids just don't care and its great!


jessica nicole said...

cracking up! love this so much! just need to let go of our dignity sometimes and be the kid at heart that we all really are.

Mary said...

Totally agree! Love it!

He Calls Me Grace said...

Absolutely! It amazes me the creativity that my 4 year old niece has.

Janna Renee said...

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R Us kid!!

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