Monday, April 7, 2014

ain't no party like a chipotle-catered party

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Seriously, the key to a successful housewarming - or any party - is having Chipotle catered. I repeat Chipotle caters. I'm going to let that sink in...

On Saturday, Shawn and I hosted a housewarming party/belated 30th birthday party for yours truly. We got a taste of what it would be like to own a Chipotle restaurant and it was a dream come true, in my opinion. Our family and friends were mind-blown. Imagine being able to make a Chipotle burrito or burrito bowl EXACTLY how you want it? Mix all the meats? Go ahead. Want to load up on sour cream and guac? Do it. Want a little bit of everything. Eat your heart out.

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Chipotle caters for as few as six to as many as 200. And they provide everything you need to keep the food warm, to dish it out and to eat it. There are four catering spread options - chips and salsa, burritos by the box, two meats or the big spread. We had the big spread and it was BIG - three meats, fajitas veggies, pinto and black beans, white and brown rice, all the salsa, corn, tomatoes, guac, sour cream, chips - literally an entire Chipotle food line.! I nearly shed tears of joy at the sight of it all. It was the best decision I ever made.

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{this was no joke!}

 photo DSC_0448_zps8ac47384.jpg

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{my sweet niece, Ava, is in the center}

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 photo DSC_0458_zps6df28124.jpg
{my sisters and I}

 photo DSC_0457_zps28dd08cd.jpg
{my mom and I}

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{rocking my The Good Life tee from IWYP}

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 photo DSC_0465_zpsf4b14fb1.jpg
{our friends and family successfully helped us stock our bar!}

It's no secret that Chipotle has a sizable portion of my heart. But I do want to share that the fuel canisters they gave me to keep the food warm were way too strong. The bottoms of the pans were burning and we ended up turning the warmers off shortly after lighting them. Also, I waited 45 minutes at the store to pick up my order, which has been scheduled. I was almost late for my own party. Oops! But it was A LOT of food, so I cut them some slack. But I would wait much longer than 45 minutes for Chipotle, let's be honest.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend having Chipotle cater your next party.

My friends and family were so happy, with full bellies, and that made my heart happy. Nearly everyone was ecstatic that they could create their own burrito or bowl exactly as they wanted it. And they got to go back again and again, trying new combinations - for free. I am kicking myself that I didn't think to have a Chipotle bar at my wedding. Chipotle catering would be AMAZING at graduation parties or wedding showers or housewarming parties or tailgates - the catering possibilities are endless.

I received catering for 60 people in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


Gwen said...

Why isn't Chipotle open for breakfast?! Have I told you that there's supposed to be a new Chipotle oh, say, two blocks from my house? The building is under construction now. Eep.

Looks like a great party!

Jamie Vespa said...

Well that looks like a fantastic party!

The Rachael Way said...

OMG how fun!! :D

Jaz said...

Everything about this party makes me smile. I didn't know Chipotle catered!! I might have to have them cater my housewarming party next month.

Heather Ann said...

I always forget that Chipotle caters. Yum! Great idea for a house warming party!

Renee said...

Ummmm yummm! I can't believe I've never tried Chipotle before (well I kinda can since we don't have one here) but I'm making it my MAIN mission when I go to the states again!
Loved the shirt on you by the way...super cute!

Pamela said...

This looks SO GOOD! I have never been to a Chipotle! I think they just opened one maybe 30-45 minutes away!

Whitney Alison said...

Yeah...Boomer's next birthday? Chipotle!!!!!!!!!!

Miranda said...

OMG. A chipotle catered party is my DREAM!

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

Umm...YUM. Now I want to eat!

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

I feel like I had seen that Chipotle caters, but we hardly cater anything because I like to control everything. However, I'm thinking next time I'm in a pinch I need to think about Chipotle since i love them all to myself a lot of the time!

Steph G said...

And now I just want to eat Chipotle. Looks so good.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Best decision ever.

Kelly said...

This sounds like a great move and I will have to keep it in mind!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Erin said...

I told my mom Chipotle was catering my wedding when I found out about this. But P.S. I really actually still hate you for this.

Katie Did What said...

OKAY. This is probably the coolest review post EVER. This preggo girl really needs some Chipotle catering to happen at her house. So you know. I'm all ears ;)

p.s. CONGRATS on the new house!!!! Soooo excited and happy for you! <3


Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

Whaaat?! Oh my gosh. This post perfectly immolates my husband's version of heaven, booze and Chipotle! Chipotle may be the only reason he is anxious to leave Alaska.

Because of Jackie said...

Now I am ANGRY I wasn't there (!) to eat all that amazing food and the super strong Margarita's;) Happy House party to YOU!

Becky M said...

This sounds amazing! I am going to have to keep this in mind!

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh.... freakin' YUM! I want to dive into all of that food! I've never been to Chipotle but I seriously want to jump in my car and drive 3 hours to the closest Chipotle! Or I'll just come over to your next party :) Definitely looks like it was a huge hit!

srjones03 said...

Now I want Chipotle! Your house looks cute and your yard looks amazing! You will likely have a hundred more shopping trips to Target until you have your house fully decorated. I've been in my house 5 years and I'm not fully decorated yet!

Faith B said...


Sorry, that's all I can take from this post. My mind is blown right now.

jbw said...

Can you provide any guidance on how many attendees you had at your gathering and how much food you bought (and had left over)?

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Kerry Longo said...

I'm also wondering about serving sizes. If I'm planning a party for 100 people, how many servings would you order? With most places, you can under-estimate a bit.

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