Friday, May 23, 2014

5 on friday: road trip essentials

Road Trip Essentials

iPod // No road trip is complete without some good tunes. Don't laugh, but I recently discovered {thanks to my good friend, Heather} the "Waiting for a Star to Fall" station on Pandora. It's a total flashback to one of my favorite decades, the 80's, and perfect for sing-a-longs. Who doesn't love a good sing-a-long in the car?! My road trip playlist would also include some Phil Collins {my dad listened to Phil Collins on every family road trip we ever took - and we took road trips since I was 6 - that's a lot of Phil!}, some 90's boy-band jams, Florence+The Machine, Coldplay, OneRepublic, a little Jay-Z, I like to keep the other passengers guessing. Clearly, I'm all over the Billboard charts, but for good reason. There are many moods on a road trip - excited, happy, excited, tired, excited, are-we-there-yet, excited, tired-of-being-in-the-car, tired, OMG-we're-FINALLY-here!!! You need tunes for every mood, trust me.

A hat // The best road trips start in the wee morning hours - everyone knows that! And that means I get up even earlier to shower because I'm a weirdo and cannot leave the house without a shower, especially if I'm going to ride in a car all day. But I don't really do my hair or makeup, so a hat is perfect for looking like you have your shit together at rest stops. And for shielding your face from the sun when you're trying to sleep in the car.

A blanket // Because you know there is always at least one person in the car who is hot, even though the A/C is on full blast. And because I probably just shaved my legs in anticipation of running into a body of water in a bikini upon arrival, a blanket helps to keep my leg hair from growing back prematurely.   

Flip flops // Why would you wear any other shoes in the car? This is a serious question. Easy off while on the road, easy on at rest stops - once you unearth them from under the pillows and blankets that have been shoved on the floor between the front and back seat. Bottom line: flip flops just make sense on road trips. Only wear flip flops on road trips. The end.

Red Vines // The only time of year I eat Red Vines is on a road trip. I have made special trips to the store just for Red Vines prior to launch time. They are so much better than Twizzlers, in my biased opinion. Thanks again, Dad for this road trip tradition.

What are your road trip must-haves?

I was asked to participate in RelayRides' Road Trip Essentials campaign. RelayRides is based on peer-to-peer car rentals. You can pick a car, meet the owner to get the keys and ride off into the sunset in a BMW Z4 {oh, that's just me? Well, you can ride off into the sunset in the car of your choice}, then return the car at the scheduled time. If you're looking to make some money off your ride, you can rent your car out as well. It's kinda strange to me to borrow some dude's car, but I could see that it would be super convenient if you didn't have a car or lived in a big city like NYC and didn't have a car because seriously, where does one park a car in NYC?

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