Friday, May 2, 2014

sometimes i deserve to have my wine stolen

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Do you ever feel as if you need a break from the world for a day {or seven} to catch up on your life? I've had that feeling all week. Believe you me, it's exhausting trying to keep up with myself and all the things I'm behind on or have forgotten about. I have dropped several balls - and ultimately, several f-bombs when I realize said balls had been dropped - this week.

Luckily, my demise this week didn't start until I got a call Wednesday night from a friend asking if I was home. Had it started on Monday, I don't think I would have gotten out of bed this morning. I digress. So Wednesday, Shawn and I were picking out new furniture to replace the other new furniture we're waiting on {long story short: ordered couch and loveseat from Ashley Furniture in early March. Won't be here until mid-June now. Delivery date has been pushed back twice already. Can't guarantee delivery. Shawn is fed up so we go shopping again. The end.}, so of course, I told my friend I wasn't home and asked why. She then informed me that I was supposed to host book club at my house that night and she was there. Doh! I had completely forgotten! I started pacing, hand over mouth then smacking my forehead and apologizing profusely acting crazy in the middle of the furniture store, while on the phone. For a person who feels bad about everything, I felt awful for forgetting and that they drove all the way to my house, so I encouraged my friends to break in and steal my wine. I thought I deserved that at the very least.

And then there was a meeting I forgot about until the guy I was meeting with stopped me on my way out of the place we were to meet at that time. And then all the emails that I haven't answered, the blog posts I haven't written, reviews I haven't done, cheer packet that needs put together and cheer gear that needs designed, the bill that I paid too early without letting the billing cycle end and now have a late fee, the plane ticket I need to purchase that is now $100 more this week than last, the emails my boss asks me about that I can't remember receiving. 

And my face has been itchy for days and leaving radioactive, neon stains on my pillow case from a new face wash I bought until the stuff I ordered comes in the mail. And I thought that the reason I felt bloated, tired, had to pee in the middle of the night and was forgetting so much was because I was pregnant. So I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, which was like a big fuck you to myself, because I was really hoping that seeing a plus sign rather than a straight line on that pee stick would answer all of my questions.

And shit. I quit this week. Yes, I'm being dramatic, because I stayed out way past my bedtime last night watching college guys strip in a play {The Full Monty} at my alma mater, and I'm tired and I want my sweatpants.

Thank god for the bar crawl for a cause and birthday party I have tomorrow during the day and evening, respectively. Home girl needs a drink.

In honor of this weekend's Kentucky Derby, you get the pictures above from my trip to Louisville last year for my girlfriend's bachelorette party. And this year, I will be celebrating my two bestest friends' birthdays at their "Derby 30" party at a wine bistro, complete with Derby hats and fascinators. Of course, I don't have a Derby hat or fascinator or have even begun to plan my outfit for said "Derby 30" party because, well, I assume if you're reading this paragraph, you read the other six before it and you know what happened.

 Time to drink the wine and hope for better luck next week. Go ponies!


callie ;) said...

sounds like you need this bar crawl tomorrow!!! :)

Pamela said...

Oh gosh, bless your heart!! Yesss, def take advantage of all of the alcohol tomorrow, ha!

Krystal R. said...

I quit this week too. Trust me on that!

Because of Jackie said...

Man! That week sounds tough! I swear, the only thing you CAN do is either laugh it off with some wine, to crawl under the covers until it is over. Poor thing! Thinking of you;)

Rachel Emily said...

Shit woman, it has been a rough week. I wouldn't feel right about stealing your wine. It sounds like you need it more than me. Hope you are good an at least buzzed at that bar crawl right now!! You'll get em next week :)

emily said...

this was me at the beginning of april. i was seriously so over everything and felt like i had a million things to do all the time. i may or may not have been late to work by 3 hours every day one week because i could get myself out of bed. i was too tired!

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