Wednesday, June 4, 2014

10 pieces to buy at H&M this summer + store opening on june 5

What to Buy at H&M This Summer

First things first, you are invited to the H&M store opening at The Mall at Fairfield Commons {2727 Fairfield Commons Dr., Beavercreek, Ohio 45431} on Thursday, June 5 at noon. And I will be your host!

I can't think of a better way to spend your lunch break than in a brand new H&M store with yours truly. And to sweeten the deal, the first five people to tweet at me {@heyyyhollywood} and H&M {@hmusa}, while in line, will win early access into the store, along with a style consultation and a FREE head-to-toe outfit courtesy of H&M! 

So, you will be joining me tomorrow, June 5, at the new H&M store at The Mall at Fairfield Commons at noon, yes? 

I don't know about you, but once spring/summer hit, I'm ready to overhaul my closet with bright, light-weight pieces. Plus, I think it's good to spring clean your closet and remove items you don't wear {my rule is if I haven't worn it in six months to a year, it's time to let it go}. What's great about H&M is that they run a garment collecting program to reduce textile waste. According to their site, 95% of the thousands of tons of textiles that people throw away each year could be re-worn or reused. So turn in your unwanted pieces at H&M and pick up some new duds while you're there.

Here are 10 pieces I want in my closet this summer from H&M:

1. A kimono. Thanks to my stylish friend, Meagan @ Because of Jackie, I'm obsessed with kimonos.

2. A black swimsuit. H&M has such cute swimsuits for low prices. Rather than spring for a bright patterned one though, I really want a sexy black one. Ow, ow!

3. Aviators. Every girl needs a good pair of aviators.

4. A tote. And a gold tote at that, for beachin' and traveling.

5. A midi skirt. In the summer, I wear a lot of dress and skirts to work. This flowy midi skirt would be perfect for my work wardrobe.

6. Leopard slip-ons. I ordered these the other day and sadly, I got an email back saying their were sold out of my size. But they have this similar pair that might just find their way into closet.

7. Floral shorts. Some shorts can feel restricting, but I am loving this loose-fitting floral pair.

8. Palazzo pants. Aka pj pants that are acceptable for public outings.

9. A romper. This white romper {or jumpsuit as it's called on H&M's site} has pretty lace details.

10. Nude sandals. An absolute must for summer.

Follow H&M on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And if you're coming to the store opening at The Mall at Fairfield Commons tomorrow, don't forget to tweet at me and H&M USA while you're in line for your chance to win early access, a style consultation and a head-to-toe outfit courtesy of H&M!


Rachel Emily said...

Wait, why don't I live in Ohio?! Holly, H&M and FREE CLOTHES?! Indiana is stupid...

Shane Prather said...

Good thing I have a gift card that needs spending! Those leopard sneakers can go ahead and get in my closet :)

Shane Prather said...

ps. Heads up-- the leapord sneakers link to aviators

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