Tuesday, June 3, 2014

whatever you do, do not google spider bites

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{top left: early morning | top right: mid-morning | bottom left: mid-afternoon | bottom right: mid-evening}

I posted the top left pic on Instagram this morning, and people were concerned. 

That sperm-looking redness {on the inside of my right knee} is a bug/spider bite of some sort. I was really hoping for magic powers like Spiderman, but instead, I got a trip to the doctor after WebMD told me to amputate. Just kidding, but you know WebMD is such a hypochondriac.

My Dad also insisted I have it checked out. Apparently, ticks are really bad this year and some lady from my hometown, whose husband my dad works with, got really sick after getting bitten by a tick on her head.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get bitten by a tick. I really don't know what it was. After taking the dogs out this morning at 6:30 a.m., I came in and noticed a black spot on my leg. I had worn flip flops outside and thought maybe a piece of mud or mulch had flipped up on my leg. I brushed it away and noticed the oblong, black thing flew away. I didn't think much of it until I was brushing my teeth and scratching the spot. At that point it was just the small, bright red dot in the middle. Bug bite, meh. 

I wore a dress to work and noticed the spot had slightly puffy redness around it {top left pic} and that weird looking tail. It didn't hurt and it didn't itch, but people at work suggested that I Google spider bites. WORST. DECISION. EVER unless you're into gross, horrific, nauseating images. Nightmare-provoking images {insert heeby-jeeby dance}.

Anyway, long story short-ish: I went to the doc, he said "well, I know this would be the type of thing that if I didn't give you something, you'd be the person in the E.R. in a couple of days with a temp of 105*, so I'll give you a five-day antibiotic just in case." Better safe than sorry, right, Doc?

Lessons learned:

1. Red streaking {i.e. that tail looking thing} around a bug bite means you should have it checked out. You don't want an infection to spread.

2. Whatever you do, DO NOT Google spider bites. 


Rachel Emily said...

Even more...never Google anything that has to do with your health. Never, ever EVER ends well. I'm glad this end up being a super serious Google-image-worthy thing!!

Him & Me (But Mostly Me) said...

Ack! I just came back from my honeymoon which partly took place ins a subtropical area with many bugs. I didn't get any there... but when I was back in the city I got bit a few times.

The last bite I think was on the plane coming home from South America... but it's on the top of my foot and is quite swollen and itchy... I did a double take to see if there was a tail to it, but nope, just a regular bug bite for me.

Good luck in healing!

Jamie Vespa said...

WebMD & google are evil when you're trying to find out what's wrong with you!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Ahh no no no!! Hope this has already disappeared!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

That's scary! Glad your doc played it safe rather than sorry! Hopefully it has already gone away!

After Eleven Blog said...

google can be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. hahaha! glad you got an antibiotic though! by the way, I just found your blog from over at love fun and football sidebar :) so glad I did! I love making new blogging buddies, come say hi if you get a chance!

shannon said...


is it better? are you alive? did you murder the arachnid that did this to you?

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