Monday, July 28, 2014

5 things i'd take with me to a deserted island + a giveaway

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If I was ever unfortunate enough {or fortunate if you don't like people or civilization} to be stuck on a deserted island, I'd hope I'd get the option of taking a few things with me. Let's say that's the case, so I would take:

1. Shawn {he's good for entertainment and physical labor}
2. My pets {they would miss me too much and vice versa}
3. A Chipotle restaurant {because I have to eat}
4. A film crew {I'm sure this would be one helluva reality show. Plus, without documentation it wouldn't really have happened.}
5. A toiletry bag filled with contact lens and solution, a razor, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, a brush, nail clippers and file, and shampoo.

Clearly, what these items say about me is that: 1. I don't want to have all the fun {1 & 2}, 2. I care about my health and the health of my loved ones {3}, 3. I want to educate others {4}, and 4. I'm a fan of good personal hygiene {5}.

I asked my sponsors this month to tell me what five things they would take on a deserted island and here's how they responded:

 photo 2014-02-08182722_zps03aad14c.jpg
Helene from Helene in Between

1. Sunscreen {don't want to get burned!}
2. The dogs {what would they do without me?!}
3. Michael {my husband can do the dirty work}
4. Pencil
5. Notebook {have to write it all down. If I'm on an island, this better turn into a best-selling book!}

 photo HMC_zpse1e50bff.jpeg
Chelsea from Hello Miss Chelsea

1. SPF 30 {what? Getting burnt sucks and hurts!}
2. A fully-operational Chipotle {Chelsea and I are clearly on the same island}
3. A reggae band {instruments included}
4. Sunglasses
5. Oh, and Colin Kaepernick...definitely Colin Kaepernick.

 photo Sarah_zpsb7be17cg.jpg
Sarah from Back Home Blue

1. My dog {I kind of love that little guy!}
2. Coffee
3. Peanut butter
4. A good book
5. My best friend {she's good for entertainment}

What would you take to a deserted island?

These lovely ladies and I are also giving away a $50 gift card to Target. You're welcome.

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Because of Jackie said...

Damn it, I may need to do this post idea this week! Hmmmm, I would bring my husband and kids, BOOKS, a toiletry bag, some type of survival kit, and sunblock!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Such a fun idea! I'm with you on the hubbs, a toiletry bag and definitely my pets!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

haha a deserted island with chipotle and my kids and love...Id be set!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love how everyone lists either some extravagant item or food, and Helene picks a pencil. Hahaha such a fun post!

V @ X-tremely V said...

I am eating Chipotle for lunch as I read this :)

1. Xavier because everyone needs a little bit of crazy, and he is my world
2. Mic because I want someone to handle the crazy with me and he is prety easy on the eyes too :)
3. Starbucks because I need energy for #2
4. A Hi-Def TV with cable because I can't go with my Cleveland Browns
5. A ball - because when nothing good is on TV it will keep the three of us entertained for hours playing catch, kicking it, etc.

Kelly said...

I love Helene's comment that she would turn it into a book! And your list is pretty good too, I think I could 10 things? That is my kind of math!

xx Kelly
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