Wednesday, September 24, 2014

i've come to realize...

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Life is good. Life throws curve balls. Things happen that we want and don't want because that's life. I've come to realize that there are things we can control in life and things we can't. It's up to us to know the difference. Life has a way of teaching us about ourselves and about others in each moment, day, week, month, year. And right now, I've come to realize...

// That things aren't always what they seem. Sometimes this is good, sometimes bad and sometimes bat shit crazy.

// That life is full of silver linings. You just have to look for them.

// That you cannot reason someone out of something into which they were never reasoned.

// That happiness is truly the key to success.

//  That I am the only one holding myself back from achieving my goals and dreams.

// That sometimes I have to stop thinking and just start doing.

// That everyone has an opinion and is entitled to that opinion, but it doesn't have to be my opinion. Each of us has the right to make our own judgements of people, situations and things.

// That by keeping an open mind, I learn so much more about others and myself.

// That I am a believer in second chances {most of the time}. Forgiveness is a powerful and freeing gift.

// That I don't see the point in holding a grudge. To me, it keeps you stuck in a negative part of your past and robs you of the opportunity of moving positively forward in life.

// That change is truly possible.

What have you come to realize?


Audra said...



Anonymous said...

I love your realizations! I've come to realize that worrying does me no good, and it doesn't change the outcome. So why waste the present, worrying about the future? ~Ree

The Siberian American said...

I love all of these! So true. Especially the stop thinking & start doing. I am sometimes bad at that.

The Siberian American said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your #3. One thing I say all the time is "You can't use logic to talk someone out of an opinion they didn't arrive at through logic." It's still frustrating, but it helps you to understand when you're fighting a losing battle/your energy is better spent elsewhere. Love that last one too — and I agree :)

Krysten Quiles said...

Amen, I love this.

Erin LFF said...

Stop thinking and start doing--- something I need to remember more often ;)

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